Friday, May 13, 2011

Expanding my Vocabulary!!

I was going through withdrawal yesterday and this morning. Still doing a bit of that - since I am finally able to get back on blogger, but totally missing the post I made yesterday - hoping they get it back for me, IT's BACK - because it was is a really good story of Mo & Mer having a visit.........Here is today's and hoping it does not go away - :)

I learned a new word this week. HA UGE - yep - that's it - HA UGE - not HUGE - but HA UGE - it was pretty funny to hear. My friends daughter was sitting next to me on Sunday and as we were having a good laugh over a kids book on the couch she turned to her jeans and pulled on the tops of them. Well, the tops of the thigh - pulled at the fabric and it came up - she then proceeded to say - wearing her size 10 pair of jeans (I do believe they were size 10) - "these things are so HA UGE" - I feel fat in these things - I am going to have to change that".

Then just as she kept saying it I realized that my pants were HA UGE too. They pulled up even further then hers. I got this glow on my face, started to smile from ear to ear and realized that my pants have not been HA UGE in a very long time. Always tight, snug and well, never any room to breath. I am making progress!

The other girl on the other end of the couch pulled at her size 3 pants - yep, size 3 and didn't have any room to say that new word. I want to be like that. Maybe not a size 3, but to actually pull on my pants and not have anything to pull. And to actually be happy with the size I am in and that they are not tight, or stuck to my skin because I forced myself to get into them, just the fact that I will look good and feel good about the size I am wearing.

They both didn't mean anything by it - it was just a fun word. I didn't go into the fact that I do feel HA UGE in jeans, in pants, in shorts or anything else for that matter. That there are times I do feel HA UGE when I look in the mirror or see my reflection in my shadow.

I am working on getting that word out of my brain waves. I will have to think of another word in the coming months - how about
SKIN - NEE - ME, what about
LOOK - N - GLOW- MO, or another one -

Hey, look....I CAN expand my vocabulary...........

Staying MOtivated MO


Michele said...

You will get there, Mo, "to actually be happy with the size I am..." It will take courage and perserverance, but you can do it. Have you read Dr. Fit's post ( or Patrick's ( or Mall walker ( All three of them inspired me this week to kick it up in full gear. Keep on going. Loads of support here in bloggyland. You can do this and you will!

Mer and Mo said...

@Michele - thanks for the links. I am feeling happier and happier each day, but you are right, we can all do it!! Thanks for the encouragement!


Bobbi said...

I'm glad Blogger is back up and at 'em - what a pain! I'm a word nerd and love adding new ones to the rotation. You are a HA UGE inspiration, lady - keep up the amazing work and positive attitude! :-)