Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 69- No cheating allowed

From 100 Days of weight loss by Linda Spangle-

So sorry it has taken me to do a post on this book, but life has just been busy! I have been on track, but keeping up on the blog posts have been a challenge since I am just tired at the end of my work day, the end of the school year is almost here and I am starting a new online class to yet again gain another credential. I am also gearing up for my trip to the University of Alaska, Fairbanks to learn more about Biomes and Seasons.  It is a fully funded trip with out family so I am looking forward to that adventure.

I am so proud of Mo for being a trooper and she keeps this blog alive and well while I am "Losing it!" Hence the name of this blog. I am sure I will be posting this summer while she is running day camp for the boy scouts so it is a joint effort for one of us to be in bloglandia.

Here are a few key quotes that stood out for me in this part-

'If you confess that you "cheated" on your diet, that indicated that you believe the diet is in charge. You also label yourself in a way that gives away your power."

"…you can't cheat with food! It is impossible. The word cheat refers to something illegal or immoral and food is neither of these. "

"As of today, completely stop using the word cheat when you refer to your eating plan. Instead, use the words choose or choice to describe behavior."


Here are actions to take to change your habits of mind from "cheat" to "choice"-

·        Write your plan down and share it with someone using the word choice. Notice what it feels like to use "choice."

·        In your magic notebook, write the last three choices you made around food today.

·        When you make a lousy choice, figure out how to describe it without using "cheat."


My plan:

·        I choose to eat good foods for my body and mind like: carrots, celery, bananas, strawberries, lean cuts of meat, and whole grains.

·        I choose to drink 10 glasses of water daily.

·        I will eat 5-6 meals a day. 

·        I will exercise daily for at least 20-60 minutes a day.

·        I will support one person with their healthy lifestyle change.

Never say "cheat"
Say "choose"
Never Give Up!
Stick to your plan.
You can do it!

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