Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Just being Mo

Disclaimer - just an oh so silly kind of a post, but I need something to get me out of a weather funk today, so sharing my Tuesday morning "meeting" with you.

It has been cold and rainy here for a few days and more is on the way. Today would have been a good day to stay home, curl up with a nice warm fire and have some quiet time. Where is Spring when you are looking for it? Tempting to keep the world out today, but not today, oh, no not today -  it is WATER DAY.

Yes - to all of you that keep up with my water delivery guy heart beating moments - it was water day again today. (and if I ever do go out with this guy, I will NEVER tell him about my blog - LOL). I have been drinking tons of water at work. I even can calculate how much the water bottle will go down from day to day. It is a good way to keep me on track and try to hit that goal each day, because I just don't drink enough. The funniest thing was that over the weekend someone "stole" our water. A 5 gallon bottle was replaced on Friday morning and I knew that it was about 90% full when I left that evening. Monday morning the bottle was bone dry. I got really excited when I knew that we would have to replace 4 bottles, that would mean I would get a few extra minutes with "him".

I made sure I was looking good today. The hair is rockin (even with the wind/rain factor), I put on a nice looking pair of dress slacks, jewelry and just a touch of perfume. It was Tuesday - I wanted to get dressed up. All the ladies at work know I have a crush on this guy. One of my co-workers comes walking in and says "he's here, he's here". Oh come on, she was just excited that we were going to get water again, since we were totally out yesterday (we don't drink from the faucet, because gross....they would have to install a Brita filter to make me drink out of that faucet.). Then another co-worker pops her head in and says "here he comes". I am now smiling and having a good laugh. He comes in and I proceed to do work that requires me to stand up. Yes, I was hoping he would notice a new me - maybe even the new "figure" that I am working on. Luck of all luck - he did notice!! When he proceeds to ask me why I look so good today, I sort of freeze. Saying - "no reason" - "no, we don't have a meeting", but I do manage to say "I just felt like looking extra special today". By the third time he asked me about the special look I should have just said - "Well, yes, I do have an important meeting today, and thank you for joining me" or something like "yes, my meeting - well that was at 8:20 this morning and you were right on time for it" - giggle giggle giggle....window of opportunity opened and I missed it. That's ok - it is just nice to flirt and I do feel that I am getting my MOJO back. Date or no date, a look or no look, I feel good when he comes in and that is just worth it to me. So glad that my office allows us the luxury of having water delivered.

Enjoy the rest of your day -

Staying MOtivated MO


Dawn said...

Oooh I'm so excited about the water delivery guy!
How wonderful to be flirted with and feel in the good place you do to flirt right back.
I love following the water delivery guy.....you gotto keep telling us now.
I wonder where the spare water bottle went....I hope noone else is using lots of water to keep the water delivery guy there longer.
Best NSV ever! Love it

Mer and Mo said...

Thanks Dawn !!! When you get all excited about these posts, I get more excited about how my confidence is growing and I am seeing me again! And you are right - it was the best NSV ever!!


P.S. - there better not be another person wanting more time with "my" water guy - I am the only single gal in the bunch, you have to give me first crack...LOL

Mer and Mo said...

I got all giggly reading this "Waterboy" post. Love that he is noticing the changes on the outsude and inside of you. It's been the best change you have made!