Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Mer & Mo Moment ---- together

So - I got to see Mer this last Saturday. It wasn't a very long visit, in fact, it was shorter then I wanted it to be. We were going to meet for lunch at 1:00, then it turned into 1:30, then trying to get to the meeting point took even longer and before I knew it I was finally enjoying a nice lunch with Mer, my god-daughter and the little munchkin on the patio of the very overcrowded mall at about 2:20 was a good meeting spot, but it just amazes me that so many people go shopping on such a wonderful, sunny and not so windy day. Really, seriously - do you have to go find those nice looking jeans now?? The visit was not long enough - only about 45 minutes, if that. I had a traveling companion with me and I didn't want to keep her, but at the same time I had been on the road since 8 am and we did a lot of shopping for my Day Camp preparation, in fact it was very liberating, but taunting. Mer looks good!!! She really does. I can totally tell that she is rockin it out and getting it done in regards to her weight loss journey. I can't wait to see her the next time as I know she is working hard towards her final goal.

My wonderful, special god-daughter listened as I talked about my jeans and how they are really not the right size anymore and she wanted to know if we were going shopping. I had to decline the offer. First of all, did I really want to go shopping? No. Second, I want to wait until the next size down to do a good new jeans shopping trip. And even if I have always said that finding a good pair of new jeans is like finding a man - when you least expect it you will find the right fit. I just really needed to get home - the day had been too long and was going to be longer with our 2 hour drive home. I will have to remember her offer of shopping the next time I visit.

Mer is busy with getting things ready for her Science Fair - it was just yesterday and from the quick text I got from her yesterday and even a simple FB post I know things are going and did go well. She has done this every year, but this year they were at a new site. I am missing her postings, but she will soon be back up and blogging again, I know for sure. Oh - Oh - Oh - I hope I can say this, but Mer got her ticket for Alaska and I am so excited that she gets to go and do a Science Workshop in a most wonderful place. I hope she will get time to do some sightseeing, but that is what Science is all about - exploring, right?

Mer gave me a new journal to fill up and am filling up - thanks so much for the gift!!!

We had a huge laugh over the fact that I wanted to take a picture of the two of us. We could not stop laughing as her little munchkin wanted to be in the picture. We let him be in a few clicks, but then as a distraction I totally got him to go get me a slice of apple - not once, but twice. I felt bad afterward, because I felt like I was being selfish, but even if we don't post the picture I wanted to have one with just the two of us. It was pretty funny, oh - the joys of distracting a little one.

I am hoping to do another visit with Mer soon, but it might be far from now, since my Day Camp duties are going to keep me very busy until the middle of June. We might have to wait until our annual River Camping trip in July. Oh, the wait is going to torture me......but to relax, have fun, walk down to the River, enjoy the sun, the time with the kids, no worries, no reality.....see - now I am wanting to go next week. Maybe I might be able to have her come up and help me one weekend with Day Camp - yep, that's the ticket - LOL

OH - and wanted you all to know that I have been enjoying my May breakfast mornings. The flowers in the backyard are giving me such joy this month -

Flowers from the garden, morning paper, 1/2 glass of milk, 1/2 c of berries, 1 1/2 cup Cheerios....and the sweet sound of the birds in the morning - a great way to start my mornings!!

Enjoy your Day ----

Staying MOtivated MO

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Chubby McGee said...

This is a happy post. And I love those. ;)