Saturday, May 21, 2011

Busy Buzzing Around

I just looked at the calendar and I only have 9 more days of school! 15 more days until I leave for my trip to Alaska. Although I have been away from the blog I have been doing well. My job went berserk with distict-wide science fair, assessment scoring and I started taking an online course to add to my credential.  I am not letting my busy life get in the way of taking care of myself. I am still going to bootcamp 3 times a week and I am still going to Pilates on Sundays at my sister's studio. I am still portioning out my meals and I allow myself to eat whatever I want one day a week. 
The biggest things that help are-
  • When I eat out I ask for a take out box and I put half in the box so that I can eat it later
  • I started weighing myself daily to keep myself on track
  • I exercise every day even if it is just 20 minutes of walking
  • Protein powder and flax seeds are great supplement
  • I am starting to eat more fish for those omega-3's
  • I drink 10 cups of water daily
  • I stretch my body and meditate even if it is only for 5 minutes
  • I carry gum or mints in my purse for those food emergencies when I want something to chew on
  • I eat breakfast every morning no matter what
  • I keep in touch with Mo
So know I am still here, but will not be online much. With my summer coming up fast that will be my time to really hunker down and get this thang done. 

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Mer and Mo said...

You are doing it, you are strong and powerful! Giving you support all the way!!! Glad that you are still doing lots of good things for you even if you are dealing with so much!!