Thursday, March 17, 2011

Willpower and Grace Workout

My boot camp instructor did a very special session with us this morning. She lead us in a Willpower and Grace Workout. It was a silent workout that is set to music some rhythmic music and it is all about listening to your body. It is a barefoot cardio workout. I was surprised at how what seemed like small easy movements really got my heart working and my feet were loving the challenges of having to balance and strengthen.  I felt very energized by it all. It was a nice change of pace and it really made me focus on my body's movements. 
This workout is also known for its world plank which builds your core strength.  I now love doing the plank and can hold it for 2 minutes! It has taken me awhile to work up to 2 minutes, but I am so happy that I can. For me, the plank is a symbol of mental concentration, strength and balance which is part of the bigger goal for myself.  
Here is the website so that you can check out Willpower and Grace workout for yourself-
On there website this week's word is LISTEN-
Here is something that I would use as a meditation that I copied and pasted straight from the Willpower and Grace website- 

This week: exhale…and listen:

To someone who loves you
They may need you
To your competition
You could learn their next move
To your inner child
She may be reminding you of something important
To your intuition
The most important of all your guides
To the music
It's art created to move you
To the silence
It's space for you to expand
To your body 
It's smarter than you may think
To your thoughts
Your most private and precious gems.

Listen to your body!
You have the willpower to do this!


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Mer and Mo said...

Hey Mer - thanks for the link, can't wait to check it out in full this week when I have more time!! Glad that you are still boot camping it!! Keep up the good work!