Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 52- Food is an instant fix

Food can be for me can be a way to instantly fix a need and it takes so little thought on my part because since I want it and it is available to me I will have it and eat it.  It is that simple.  As Spangle points out in the reading that it is easy to slip into wandering around and eating- where you use food to solve your problems of boredom and restlessness. Also, eating can become the excuse for procrastination and escape life. 
So here is the action that Spangle suggests-
  • Recall what you ate to avoid doing something
  • When did you use food as an instant fix? 
  • Recognize when you are eating to-
    • procrastinating 
    • avoiding life
    • entertainment
    • boredom
I have to admit that I am doing this less. The heightened awareness and my magic notebook keeps me in check. In the past, I used food to do all that is above especially procrastination. I am horrible at making myself sit down and do what really needs to get done.  My high level of discipline and deep commitment are what is different in this healthy lifestyle change.   I got it started.  I am not going to quit. No matter what. Just keep going!

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Mer and Mo said...

I woke this morning realizing that I was missing your posts and her I find you were up late (or would we say early) just doing the catching up. You have re-energized me for the day - thanks!!!
I have had a bit of night-time down time this week without Aman (and been doing a bit of procrastinating, too - then find myself wanting to snack, but have avoided that "instant fix"!

Thanks for the Kick in the Pants today!!