Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Ever have one of those days where you just can't seem to catch a break - Bid Documents had to be tracked down because UPS didn't sent it to the right destination today - I am so done. Had a GREAT workout this morning and will update you on that later - glad that I did - let's just say I really LOVE LOVE LOVE my punching bag!!!! Got it up and running last night and glad that I did just in time to deal with a huge "LEMON" issue - got tons of frustration out and well, more on that later too!!! Have to run to the Reptile Museum with the Scouts ----- wishing everyone a good Tuesday (or what is left of it)!!!!

Not quite going crazy yet - but I think I was just about there today......

Staying MOtivated


Dawn said...

Hectic is good, the day passes quickly and less temptation from the dreaded boredon snacking!
Punchbag sounds like a great idea!

Mer and Mo said...

Boy, atleast you were able to logon yesterday. I was exhausted from running from place to place and back again that I feel asleep at 9pm when I layed down with the boy.
So glad that you are finding that the punching bag is helping get that "LEMON" stress out.
Dawn is right busy means no time to be doing that bored-out-of-your-mind eating.

Mer and Mo said...

@Mer - I only logged in for about 5 minutes - needed to take a quick break. Had hoped all day to post my Punching Bag story, but the way things are going it might not be until Sunday!

@Dawn - funny how you say the snacking temptation - we have popcorn in the office and hard to resist at times, but out of site out of mind for me. Found that I was tempted to snack last night as I was doing the list of nightly duties...resisted however.

The punching bag got another good hit or two this morning - feeling really good!!!!


Mer and Mo said...

Oh - and that bid today - didn't get it - even after the bid runner traveled more then 8 hours (one way) - hit snow, hail and a few landslides along the way...


Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

Mer, thanks for your kind words today. Good luck with your travails!