Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I had to go shopping today because my jeans look ridiculously baggy on me. My husband can pull them down without unbuttoning them. He likes that, but I don't. I was getting really annoyed that I had to keep pulling my jeans up!
I was ready to see if the size 10 fit on me.  I was nervous because I wanted the jeans to fit really badly. I went to  Old Navy only to find that the low-rise and mid-rise jeans is majority of what they have.  I really don't like that  see-my-butt-crack-style. Come on I am in my 40's mid and low-rise just seems so wrong! So I dug through the shelves of jeans and found the one pair that was short 10 classic-rise. It fit great! I am really excited to be in a size 10!!!
I am getting rid of my size 16s, 14s and 12s jeans. It is time to do that. I have been saving them for that "fat time", but I have made the decision that I will never go back to those sizes again.. I don't want those jeans as the "just in case..." I am not doing that anymore. This healthy active lifestyle change is going to be permanent and I will make sure that it happens.
I am headed to SF for a conference. I will be gone the rest of the week and weekend.


Mer and Mo said...

Hey Mer - Congrats!!!! So glad that you are going to toss the three sizes too big for you!! And too too too funny - I was laughing so loud - about the unbuttoned pants!!!
Have a GREAT weekend - hope we might get to catch up, but if not I have plenty to keep me busy - things to pick up, places to explore. So excited for you and those new jeans!!!

Chubby McGee said...

CONGRATS! I loooooooooooove jean success stories (because I can't wait to have my own). Great work, kiddo! Size 10! WOW! Geez! No wonder why your husband likes to pull your baggy jeans off you all the time. You're a skinny-mini!

scrapwordsmom said...

Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!! Doing a few cartwheels in my mind right now for YOU!!!!

Dawn said...

Wow, you have done amazingly well! Fabulous feeling new jeans!
Good thinking about throwing or giving them are not going to need them!

Carla said...

Congratulation Mer, I am so happy for you! Size 10's, wow. I bet you look great. Great work.