Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 49- Just do something

 Quotes from 100 Days of Weight Loss (Spangle)-

"Just do something: then you're started." 
"Just take one step...""
"With whatever steps you've taken, plan to repeat it daily for a minimum of 3 days."

The action I am going to take when you are not motivated to keep going on this healthy lifestyle change-

  • Make post-its that say "Just do something!" and post the notes where you can see them.
  • Do the something like take a 5 minute walk, read a health magazine to get inspiration, eat something good for your like a piece of fruit,  or write in your magic notebook. 
  • Make a list of "Just do something."- in your magic notebook and do one a day.
  • Celebrate when you -"Just do something." 



Chubby McGee said...

I'm a nerd. Part of my "just doing something" is watching weight loss shows like "Heavy" and "I Used to be Fat." Seeing those people DO IT and get fit makes me want to GO! GO! GO!

Speaking of which, this past Mondays "Heavy" made me CRY and push my ass off through my Tuesday and Wednesday workouts. I friggin' LOVE it. :)

Jackie said...

I like this one especially: "Just do something and then you're started." It reminded of a teacher who once told me, "Just do something, even if it's wrong." I was "thinking" too much and doing too little. The old analysis paralysis thing that often keeps me from exercising, too. This post and Day 51 below were very helpful to me today. Thanks. Now I'm off to make some Post-It Note reminders!

Michele said...

Incremental steps, that's what it takes. Great motto: Just do something. Great.

Dawn said...

everything we do....we have to START...and then keep at it one day at a time!
Just Do something!

Mer and Mo said...

Yes, this morning I didn't do anything and should have done something - stressing about work and I let it get to me. Thanks for reminding me of SHOULD and forgetting about the Could have or the Would have...where's my magic notebook....

Mer said...

@Mo- This is the week for stress, Mo. So much going on and too much to do, always. Might as well workout that stress and create some endorphins to get you on that natural high!
@Chubby McGhee- When I had time I loved watching those weight loss shows, but for me found that I was inspired, but did nothing to get started. I had no motivation to just do something.
@Jackie- I love that you were encouraged to do it even if it was wrong. I am going to use that in my classroom because I want students to not be afraid make mistakes so that we can learn from it instead of that thinking that they always have to be right. Thanks so much for sharing!

The Fat Mom said...

Sometimes the hardest part is just doing something. Just to get started. Once you do then it's easier to keep going! Love this!