Friday, March 11, 2011

Mo's Earthquake Connection


As I headed to bed, well actually was finally going to shut off the TV and sleep on Thursday night I saw the Breaking News notice on the screen. 8.9 Earthquake in the Japan area - where, what was that - oh my goodness. Then all of the sudden there is this huge wave sweeping into the coastline - I watched it LIVE as it was happening - how was it happening - oh my goodness - look at the wall of water coming in - it is moving so fast, so big, wow - look at that - the impact is going to be huge - then the fear - what coastline - where is this again - Tokyo - what part of Japan - where is the map - I was awake and worried at this point. Finally did go to sleep just about midnight. A bit worried and nervous for what the morning would bring for not only the news of Japan, but there was also the fear of a Tsunami heading to Hawaii.

My Aunt Hiroko and Uncle Jim live in the heart of Tokyo, Japan. There are times that I roll my eyes when his weekly (yes, weekly) emails come across that tell me every detail of his week. Sometimes even repeating what he told us the week before. The expressions of "Wheels Up" and "Gotta Love those Fighting Irish" are frequent. Last night was different. I realized that I was grateful for the updates and grateful that I might be able to hear from him within a few hours of this devestating event. Even a short note would bring me comfort.

Then there was the news about a Tsunami traveling to Hawaii. My brother-in-law has family in Hawaii. In 2009 I had the most spectacular vacation with his family. They live just about 1 mile from the ocean on the coast of Oahi, Hawaii - not too far from Pearl Harbor.

I was up at 5 am - TV remote in hand- CNN and the local news flip, flip, flip - waiting patiently for an email of any sort from my Uncle. Called my sister at 6 am to see what the news was on the Hawaii front. Some family is okay on the big Hawaii Island, but the other family on Oahu is anticipating having to evacuate, but that was at midnight Hawaii time and well, the waiting is killing me.

Now the news is reporting that the California coastline may be effected.

I am sitting on pins and needles.

7:00 am - my son is awake and I am wishing him a very Happy 10th Birthday - the present was opened and we started to get ready to do our morning breakfast outing. Then the news - an email comes screaming across my phone - they are ok - my Uncle and Aunt are ok - they are shaken and still trying to stop shaking, but they are doing well. More communication will come in the next few days when the email is more up and running, but they are good.

Sad for others, but glad that the news is going well for my family. Still waiting on the Tsunami warnings, but I do believe that the media will make it bigger then it is. I don't plan on trying to learn how to surf or even go near the water for this California girl - beaches and things close to the coast are being closed, some evacuations in my College Town just near the Orgeon border - Mer is heading to San Francisco today for a conference and I hope she does not get stuck on the BART trying to go too and from - will keep you posted, but please if you are a praying kind of person it would help and keeping good thoughts for those affected is another plus.


11:14 am update - California time - all is well with family and friends in both Tokyo and Hawaii - the Tsunami did not do much damage to the California cost at this point. Looks like Mer will make the SF connection today, too. Sad to see the devastation at this point in pictures and video. 


Jackie said...

I am a praying kind of person and prayers have been said for your family, Mer, and everyone facing this disaster in any way. I, too, was shocked when I saw the news this morning. 8.9 is unbelievable and so sad for everyone affected. May your day be blessed with nothing but good news about your loved ones. Go Fighting Irish - I like your uncle!

Carla said...

I am happy your family is safe.

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

That was really shocking watching the tsunami unfold late last night on live TV. Was that the first time in history? Amazing and freightening at the same time. Hope your relatives are well. My wife works with a Japanese man who hasn't heard from his family yet, 24 hours later. Hopefully it's just the down communications.

Jackie said...

Great news about your family and Mer. I've cried many tears this weekend seeing all the sadness on TV. I'm glad your news is good!

Mer and Mo said...

Hey Mo,
So glad to hear that your family is well in Hawaii and in Japan. So sad to see the videos from Japan. I was traveling from home to SF, but did not experience any issues on BART.
My thoughts, prayers and heart goes out to the people who lived through that devastating experience. It just reminds me that we should live each moment like it was our last. Life is so precious and should never be taken for granted.
Take care,

Mer and Mo said...

Thanks all for the shout out - have to say it was a funny story to hear that my Uncle rode out the quake on the 7th floor of his office building safe (and all zipped up) after just going to the rest room - he had to walk 15 miles home and had a beer or two on the way, but is safe. Wishing that the Nuclear plants do not cause much damage! Still sending good thoughts to all those effected!