Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 53- Food is my best friend

I don't like the title of this day because Mo is my best friend not food. But this is the point of this reading- FOOD WORKS when it comes to comforting us when we come head to head with stressful challenge or emotional situation. We really have to look at what we are struggling with and learn to manage the challenges and emotions another way instead of using food. Because as Spangle states" can become your best friend, the only way you know how to fix your problems.  
So when has food become my friend?
  • When I felt like I was the only one dealing with the problems at work.
  • When I had no support in trying to make changes in my lifestyle.
  • When I felt lonely because spouse is too tired to spend time with me.
  • When I was overwhelmed with all the things a working mom has to do.
  • When time was my enemy and I feel like "fast food" is the only option to get things done.  

My patterns have changed. The way I go about my business during the day has changed. I really make an effort to listen to my body and really have in my mind that food is fuel not comfort. I now eat only when I feel that hunger pains and it is about 3 to 5 hours between eating. I plan my intake of water, snacks and my main meals. I have finally started to leave food on my plate. This pattern took a long time to get use to, but it means slowing down and eating so that when I do get full that I am paying attention to that.  I had to be ok with leaving food on my plate. I started with leaving just a spoonful which my family looked at me funny, but now I have more left on my plate and I am truly ok with that. 
When I get overwhelmed, stressed or lonely I stop and recognize the emotion, write it down in my magic notebook and creatively find ways to deal with the emotion of it instead of reaching for that piece of chocolate or that salty popcorn snack.   I have found that a quick walk outside does wonders. A text message to my spouse helps me get reconnected to him. It took time to listen to myself and know that I had it in me to solve my own issues.  I am not perfect. There are days when when I still get a piece of chocolate, but the days in between are getting longer and the amount is significantly different. For me it has been about give myself time to get use to the new habits of mind. I got the best advice from a friend when I was struggling with grief from the loss of my father and I always remember this-"Be gentle with yourself." To add to that treat yourself like you would your best friend and put food in its place. 



WeightLossTrek said...

I agree with this 100%. It is such a hard thing to change our mental approach to food. I have been experiencing a lot of what you described here and have also found that planning your meals is a big help.

Mer and Mo said...

Thanks for the shout out about being your best friend and not food - had a good giggle over that! Right back at ya!!!!!!

Dawn said...

I find that writing things down is very good....I don't keep a journal, I write my blog but already there are enough posts to look back and remind myself how far I've come. Sometimes when I write I get out of my head how I feel and its like I'm recognising those feelings for the first time. Food isn't your best friend - each other are two lucky and lovely ladies xx