Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Another Day - Another Dollar - Keep on going!!!!

Busy week is an understatement right now!!! There is so much work to do, no time to get it all done and I am losing it a bit at work. I have one boss, but most of the time I have over 8 other people that need things from me on a daily basis. It was tough this morning to actually get out of the car and walk into the office. I got up ok this morning, did my breakfast, read the paper, made the lunches, did my get dress kind of routine, even drove to work without really thinking about work that much. However, as I took that final turn, put my car into my spot on the gravel driveway I just didn't want to get out of the car. I am here - working - trying to get motivated to get the day's work started. I will get started, heck I even printed out the many numerous emails already, but needed a moment to reflect on my week and my past few months accomplishments.

I got a text this morning from a friend that wanted to know how I have done so well these past few months on my lifestyle. I sat for a moment and really thought about that question! How was I doing it? How has this been different? Then there is a fear!! Will I really be able to continue this journey?! I haven't been at this level of success in a really long time. What happens if I go up a pound or two or five or six? Can I control myself, will I be able to get down to my goal? What really is my goal? So many things going on with my thinking this week. I want to focus on me this week and there really isn't anytime. I am not down on myself, just having a busy kind of no time to do anything more kind of week. I really am proud of what I have accomplished, but at the moment I can't seem to feel that Cloud 9 kind of feeling. I want to feel that way, I desire to feel that way, Oh, don't get me wrong, I am still focusing on my committment to this lifestyle. As I sat down last night for a few moments to enjoy a little bit of the boop tube and for just a moment I was thinking - oh, a nice evening snack would be nice. I even contemplated making something more then a bigger "snack". Heck, the thought of those girl scout cookies talking to me from inside the freezer (with a nice glass of milk) even passed my mind for a moment. Just for that moment I fought off a bit of the brain waves and I didn't venture into the kitchen. We had just come back from a very delicious dinner of corned beef and cabbage, so I didn't need a second helping of nothing. The meal was huge and I was even proud that I left more then 1/2 of it on my plate. I even shared all but one bite of my potatoes with my son. I am doing this! I can keep doing this! I will get that Cloud 9 kind of feeling and I will be floating!
0 Relaxed Red Man Drinking A Martini And Kicking Back On Cloud Nine
 Ok - see now I am rambling and you might just be laughing at my little rant........So - here is what I have accomplished in the last two months:
  • No fast food
  • No after dinner eating
  • No Seconds
  • Portion Control
  • No Soda's
  • Drinking 6 - 8 (or more) glasses of water a day
  • Allowing a treat maybe once a week, but I do not go out of my way to get it
  • Sleeping 6-8 hours a night (which is very hard for me, being a very busy person)
  • Accomplishing the "to do" list of life on the weekends - limited the being busy atmosphere and staying at home more - helping me stay focused on me a bit more
  • Pulling out of two different committments (volunteering) so I can have time for me and my son more
  • Packing my lunch every work day
  • Making dinner at home almost every night
I started doing all of this little by little and I am enjoying it!!! Next up - exercise on a more regular basis. I had to start with baby steps, because I have done the big steps before and I just burn myself out.  The goal for March - 3-4 times a week of exercise. Yes, I know it should be more, but baby steps for me, baby steps.

The other thing that is helping me is having support. Not only from the blog kind of world, but from friends and now my family.Thanks to all for the blog reading motivation, the inspiration, the laughter that reading your blogs bring me, the pictures, the stories....and so much more!!! 22 pounds down - so many more to go. Just one more day - I can do it!!! This week will come and go - I can do it - just one more day!!!

Staying MOtivated

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Mer and Mo said...

WOW! Did I count a dozen things on that accomplishment list? That is soooooooo AWESOME, MO! You go, girl! You are making it happen and you are doing it no matter what. It takes time to make changes so be gentle with yourself and treat yourself as you would treat your best friend. If I were there I would give you a big hug and a kick in the butt to get you out of bed in the morning. All in love and caring it would be from MER! Hehehehehe....