Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 44- It is not the right time

From 100 Days of Weight Loss (Spangle)-

This reading is about evaluating whether it is the right time on a weight loss program. I agree with Spangle that there were times in my life when I have had to put weight loss off for another time because of the big life issues that I was going through for about a decade of my life from 2000 to 2010 here are the struggles that stopped me from doing a healthy lifestyle change. This is going to get personal, but some of these times for me has been, in relative order-

  • Closing a business- spouse decides to close first bakery. Heart breaking & depressing.
  • Going through job changes- took on two 50% jobs that = CRAZINESS!
  • Finishing my master's degree to be a principal of a school- 3 years of hellish HW & final project!
  • Dealing with secondary infertility and miscarriage
  • Dealing with the loss of my father
  • Dealing with depression- my own and spouses
  • Being pregnant- was on Weight Watchers and lost significant amount of weight, but then had to stop.
  • Dealing with sleeping issues- testing & learning to sleep w/ CPAP
  • Buying a bakery- 3 Bakeries in 6 years! Last two bought in 4 months if each other! Then, recession!
  • Going through marriage counseling- A rough, tearful year, but brought it back together and stronger than ever.

Now, I am in a good place. I am dealing with the busy lifestyle that I lead and no major life issues.  I have a stable job, a strong marriage and 2 happy children.  This is the right time for me and nothing can stop me from taking care of myself and creating a healthy, active lifestyle.  I am on my way!

Decide for yourself- Is this the right time for you?



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Mer and Mo said...

I am not sure why, but think it is kind of mind blowing that Spangle has us reading on the 44th day (and not the 1st day) if this is the right time or not. But, I am the kind of person who does make a decision to do a new diet, new food or exercise routine and just about the 30th, 40th of 50th day I get hit with something or decide that I just don't want to keep moving forward. Good read! Good advice!

I am finding out that this priority - getting healthly, losing weight - is the right priority for me and the right time for me. It is like this light bulb went off for both of us at the same time - so glad that you are on this journey with me!!!