Monday, March 7, 2011

And I thought no one was reading....

So proud to say that our blog got nominated today. Yes, woo hoo and all that. Not only has this blog helped me and Mer get a little bit connected almost like at the hip like we were in college, but I have received encouragment from Mer that I can do this. Encouragment from other bloggers, stories, funny little things and the chance to see that it isn't just me that can struggle with this lifestyle I have decided to lead.

So I will be the first to say THANKS to the many who nominated us and I will proudly take the honor. To claim the award we need to tell you seven things about us - so, I will just tell you about me - MO - and I am sure Mer can claim her part of the award when she can.

1. I have owned 3 houses since 2000. Two sold and came out with money in my pocket - thank goodness. Now I am the proud owner of my third (and final) home and I can say it is all MINE MINE MINE!! My brother tells me that I have a "hand me down" house because I knew the person who sold it to me and that most of my furniture is begged, borrowed or just taken, but heck I am proud to say that this house is the best "hand me down" I have had in years.

2. I have 4 sisters and 1 brother - yes, we were a big group. I can't go a week without talking to my little sis, or even sometimes a day. (And to think that we used to fight like cats and dogs - oh, wait - that was me who picked the fights, she just made sure she was tougher then me).

3. I lost my mother almost 14 years ago and my father just 8 months, 4 days and 2 hours after his loving wife of 36 years. I was just about 30 years old and wonder why I lost my parents so young in my life. I have the hardest time seeing others that still have parents and even some that still have grandparents. It was hard to lose them, but I know they are both in heaven looking down at all of us kids smiling at how successful we have become. I am fearful that I might get Alzheimers like my Mom (who died at what I believe is a young age of 60) and confident that I won't get Parkinsons Disease like my father. I do not consume myself with the fear or "what if" - I am living my life just as they did - active!!! My parents were an inspiration to me in more ways then I can mention!!!

4. I am not a good garden person - killed the roses I received as a house warming gift in the first week of having them. I can't stand doing the lawn, but when it is all done I feel accomplished that I made that lawn look so nice and well groomed.

5. I used to live in Las Vegas, Nevada. My theory on those 3 years - A great place to visit, but so glad that I am back "home" and close to my family.

6. In 2009 I took a dream vacation to Hawaii. My little sis and her boyfriend showed us around and we saw everything!!!!! Best trip ever!!! We climbed Diamond Head and so glad that I wasn't like another lady that had to be air lifted off the mountain - had a good giggle when I saw her husband finish the climb up before he headed to the hospital to check on his wife. I had a little bit of a dizzy spell, but glad that I made the trip up and back with my own two legs.

7. I want to travel from Point A to Point Z on a road trip of the United States. Visit many historic places and let me son see the many other wonders of America!

Going to make my nominations - just a few this time -

A New Dawn For Me - It's a new dawn, a new day!!!

The Fat Mom - she is doing 5K's left and right - awesome awesome awesome!!

Pounds off Playoff - because he is doing a stair challenge - just the fact that he is climbing stairs and SO MANY is a huge inspiration!!

Oh, and by the way - those Girl Scout cookies in the freezer - still haven't touched 1, nada, zip, zero!!

Staying MOtivated

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Mer and Mo said...

Good for you! Frozen cookies suck anyways!
We need to do a Road Trip for ourselves when we get to our goals. We can lose it together in the car! LOL!