Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 48- You gotta want to

My weigh in this week: Drum Roll Please- 3 pounds down! And I am at the weight when I discovered I was pregnant with my miracle baby (I was told at 37 that my eggs were not viable and I should think about a donor.)and had to stop Weight Watchers. This was almost 5 years ago. Boy, time flies when you are a busy, stressed out working mom! I struggled last month with no gain and no losses. It feels good to finally be here and now, all I can say is to stay strong, fuel your body with the best, savor the two bite rule so you don't deprive yourself, measure everything you say you are going to portion, stick to your workout plan no matter what and believe you can do it and you will!

Now a word from-
From 100 Days of Weight Loss (Spangle)-

Spangle makes us look deeper to see what we really don't want to do. She asks that you write a list that start with

I don't want to"-

  •  get up and go to boot camp in the morning.
  •  plan my meals and portion out my food.
  •  set my goals for the week.

It feels so good to just see that list that I wrote above.  Sometimes just admitting it helps make you see how ridiculous you are being. I sometimes need to throw my 2 year old tantrum and write in my magic notebook how much I don't want to do something. Now Spangle makes you go through the list above again and this time add in front- "Wait a minute. Of course I want to..." 
Spangle continues to say that if you are still having a hard time come to grips with the part that you don't want to do and set some small goals so that you can get work up to it. So an example of this was my exercising journey I started with going to boot camp for 1 hour 2 days a week. I believed that I could do it so I did. Then, I added another day doing 1 hour of Pilates. It has been a hard, rough road, but I am determined to get myself in shape and healthy. I feel really strong and confident both physically and emotionally. And I make myself believe by saying these 3 things to myself-



Mer and Mo said...

Way to go Mer - you are doing it - you are getting there - just one more day - you can do it!!!! Keep up the good work!


scrapwordsmom said...

I am soooo happy for you!! 3 pounds is AWESOME!!!!

Beginning Anew said...

I love hearing about people's loss of weight - soooo encouraging! Checked you out because of Jackie's referral - I'm an instant fan!

Keep up the awesome work!

Michele said...

I would add" I feel so much better when I am done!!"

Michele Daish said...

Marie, I'm so PROUD OF YOU!!! Super Bootcamp Trooper - YOU ROCK!!

Mer said...

@Michele Daish- Awwww... Thanks so much Michele! Looking forward to another great boot camp workout on Wednesday!