Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tip of the Day

Yes, I am a Biggest Loser fan / follower (NBC, Tuesday nights and so glad I have a DVR now to record the shows). I have watched almost every season, but have not taken all the advice and emotion to heart. I am not one of those that sits on the couch and eats ice cream watching the show, just likes to see the Before and After transformations. My son even wants me to try out for the show, but everytime I tell him that if I get on the show I would be gone for a few months he rethinks this suggestion. This will be my year to be one of those before and after participants!!! (we could put up a little stage in the backyard and film it just so my son feels like he is on TV - ha, ha - hey, that might be a really good idea....mmmmmmm)
Being a follower I get these daily emails from the Biggest Loser site. Sometimes I just hit the delete button, but lately I have actually been reading the tips, information and taking the time to see what the email has to offer me. My next move in this new lifestyle is to implement exercise more into my life. Getting to the 4-5 times a week is the goal and was glad to see this tip today:

Top 3 Weight Loss Tips - Insights from BLC expert Michael Scholtz
1. Use Exercise to Get What You Want Out of Life
Many people look at exercise only as a way to burn calories. How boring! If that were the only reason to move, I'd skip it too. Think of exercise as a means to get other things you want in life; a walk on the beach, a trip to the museum, playing soccer with your kids. Then, as you get stronger, actually go out and DO those things. There are hundreds of rewards of being active that have nothing to do with calories and scales.

*** What I want - to be healthly, to take time for me, to tackle a rock wall, to ride a bike with my son, to make myself proud of what I can accomplish in this new lifestyle!! ***
Goal Word - Arrow in Target - The word Goal with an arrow...
2. Seek Support
You can't do it alone. It's true that you have the power to make your own choices and only you can control your success. But having a great support network gives you two very powerful weapons. First, being accountable to someone helps you take an objective look at both your victories and your challenges. And second, having someone to lean on in the tough times is invaluable.

*** I am getting tons of support - Mer is there with her daily affirmations, little phone calls here and there, my Vision Board (yes, it really is a form of support), being accountable to myself is support too!! And having my son offers up support each day ***

3. Quality Beats Quantity

More, more, more is a dead end road when it comes to exercise. Eventually you're going to run out of time in the day. Plus, there is some evidence that exercising more than an hour per day increases your chances of dropping your workout program altogether. If you're already exercising 30 — 60 minutes on 4 - 6 days per week, focus your attention on making your exercise more challenging instead of longer.

*** Challenging myself is the key - take it to the next level each week - don't get into a routine you are going to dislike after a few weeks - take the time to push yourself - you will feel better for it ***



A New Dawn For Me said...

All of your post is speaking exactly where I am at at the moment - i'm just getting into proper exercise and I'm focussing on why I want to lose weight and get fit - my zero list. Its so motivating to read your ideas too...well done you sound really to be on your way

Mer and Mo said...

Love these tips for the day!
The most exciting thing about this Mo is that we are doing it! There is action behind our words and that is the most empowering thing about this lifestyle change. Thank you Mo for taking every step with me even though you are far away.
I just got an email from a mommy friend who just lost a close friend to cancer and she just wanted to tell our mommy group how much she loves us and urged us to tell other people who are just as important that you love them. So Mo I just want you to know that I love you, my dear friend! With you life is Mo' fun, Mo' exciting and full of Mo' action! :)