Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 24 Eat for Satisfaction

From 100 Days of Weight Loss- I must work on getting satisfaction from my food.  Too many times I eat and I don't feel satisfied so I keep eating.  I think the more that I eat the more satisfied I will be, but instead I go away just frustrated.
Today, was a busy observation day in the classroom so I did not get a chance to eat a mid-morning snack. I was starving for something when I got to my car. I had a pack of cashews in my purse. I opened the container, but instead of grabbing a handful and shoving into my mouth I took one and slowly ate it. Then, I took another and 4 more. I stopped and thought if I wanted another.  I felt satisfied for once because usually I eat the whole container and still don't feel full. I told myself that I just needed to something to fuel my body so that I can get to my office and eat my healthy lunch that I packed myself.
The reading asked this key question- What do you really want?
I use to come home after a long day at work and be craving something to eat. I would pick a little cracker, a little cheese and a little chocolate. Then, I told myself that I would fix dinner. Well, I would pick and pick and pick while making dinner and then, I would sit down and eat dinner too. I would not feel satisfied. So I really had to think about what I really needed after a hard day at work. It wasn't food that I wanted. I needed a moment to myself and to reconnect with my family. When I head straight to the kitchen and make dinner the stress of the day never left me and I am searching for some relief . My habit has been to try to find it in my food. It is not there! Never has been and never will be.
So before eating STOP & LISTEN to yourself- What do you really want?

from pp. 52 (100 Days of Weight Loss)

For your brain to achieve satisfaction-

  • you have to eat slowly
  • pay attention 
  • appreciate your food



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