Thursday, February 3, 2011


MOtivation is the key!
MOtivation is my desire!
MOtivation keeps me moving!
MOtivation keeps me going!
MOtivation will get me to my goal!
MOtivation will be the drive that I get everyday!
MOtivated, committed and strong!!

Your daily affirmation for today - I am motivated and have a commitment to reach my goal. I am motivated to have a healthier lifestyle. I have support and I am giving myself support, too. I have the drive, I make everyday count, I am doing this for me! Stay Strong, Stay Motivated!!

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A New Dawn For Me said...

You are so right...its all comes down to motivation to make that big change. If is was easy we would have already done it - its because its hard we need to motivate ourselves and motivate each other!