Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Weekend

How was your Super Weekend!!! Did you scream and shout when the Packers won? Were you overjoyed when you were able to do that extra 15 minutes of Cardio? Did the "Super" part of your weekend win? Did you stay strong and avoid the "munchies", the "crunchies" and the double dip "lusty"??

Mine - Super lawn mowing Sunday!! Bent, twist, push, rake, sweep - phew - but the lawn looks great!!  Super Crab Feast Saturday evening!!! (Yummy Yummy Crab and the new friends we met at the table were the best). Super Motivated and Staying on track. A slip here and there, but nothing that didn't get me Super Down!!

What was Super for you this weekend?

Staying MOtivated!!

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