Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Climbing the hill of weight loss success

I am on a new journey. A journey that I want to take. So glad that I have support, too. Mer has been there to give me the guidance - the 100 days of weight lose is helping - the daily blogs - the inspiration I see in other blogs. A climb up a hill that I am ready for!!

But - then - SMACK - your mood can change at the drop of a hat. I have been so jazzed with this new lifestyle, enjoying the ING's in life, working on baby steps to get this new life of mine on the right track - then SMACK - something can just hit you in just the right (or wrong) way and throws you off course. I got on the scale on Saturday and was excited to see that I had lost 11 pounds, but I have to keep it all in check. 10 of those pounds were what I had gained during the holidays. So, now I feel like I am at the bottom of the hill and actually ready to start the climb up.
 I have been successful this month with taking some little climbs - 

1. Stopped the Soda's (normally have 10 a month - only had 1 in 30 days)
2. Stopped eating after dinner (only slipped once in 30 days)
3. Started drinking more water on a daily basis. Always lack the drive on this, but have done well with continuing to drink my 6 - 8 for more then 21 days now.

Many little successes - the climb up the hill won't be so bad.....But, why do I feel a bit discouraged. I didn't stay on my eating track yesterday and well, my mood is just not right today - I can feel it. I want to feel good today - I need to feel good today. I have to repeat the affirmations - My clothes used to feel tight, now they are lose and comfortable. I used to be tired, but now I feel rejuvenated with this new lifestyle. My watch used to fit on the 2nd hole, now fits on the 3rd hole. I used to feel sluggish, now I feel ready to tackle the day. I used to eat fast, now I enjoy every bite slowly. So many to repeat - so many more to add to my list in the coming months!!

I know I can do this. I am strong. I will not let my everyday life get to me. I won't let the emotions get to me. I keep saying to my self today - Don't let the things get you down, yes, your Son came home sick yesterday, that work is keeping you stressed out to the limit, that you have people to answer to, bills to pay and well, things to organize, but don't let those things win. Keep going up the mountain. Little climbs each day will result in a large climb and once I am at the top of the hill I will rejoice and celebrate. I am inspired, I have great support, I will do this!!! Taking time for me is the biggest part of the hill to tackle - I can do this - I can do this - I can do this!!!

Staying Strong Mo


A New Dawn For Me said...

Wow you have achieved so much! I can't even get my watch around my wrist yet! You're slimmer, fitter, healthier, your clothes fit better all in a short time. Don't beat yourself up about how you got to the weight you were the day you began, where and when that 10lb went on it doesn't matter. Day 1 you started, Day 1 of the rest of your life and on Day 1 thats what you weighed. Period. Thats where you were. Look where you are now and tomorrow and tomorrow and all the tomorrows for a while and bit by bit you are going to achieve so very much. hang on in there.We are all hanging on in there together.
You ABSOLUTELY can do this. Well done you


Mer and Mo said...

Hey Mo!
You are doing this no matter what your mood is. And I am so proud of you for it! You are saying the right things to yourself and it already is your new reality. You're body is showing fabulous results already. We are all going to have one of those days. Just as long as we don't have them on the same day! And if we do well the hell with it!
Never give up!
Stay forever Strong!