Monday, January 10, 2011

Fish Taco...pretty yummy...

My sister has this new house, actually it is "used" - one thing after another has happened and well, this weekend the heat went out. The best part was that she came over to my place to keep warm and she made me dinner two nights in a row. First it was meatloaf, ceasar salad and some biscuits. I did well - only had one helping of everything. One plate of food is another obstacle I have to work on. The biscuits were delish, but again, avoided the temptation to have two. The next night - Fish Taco's - never have had these, much less would have them made in my home. The best part, the fish did not stink up the house. They were good, and yes, I will agree that they were missing a bit of spice or zest to the taste, but I did enjoy them. It was great to see that it only took a few little ingredients to make a good meal. Not a lot of time and a good change of pace for my household. I am not a good cook, much less do I cook a lot of stuff that is "out of the box" - but I am working on it. I even have the Rachel Ray 30 minute meal cookbook, but making a meal seems to be a full chore for me. Now, don't get my wrong, my son enjoys my cooking and we do have good morning meals - no Pop Tarts for this house - and I pack him a great school lunch everyday, but sometimes it is those evening meals that lack creativity. We are working on it. I am learning simple dishes and letting my son help me with new meals each week.
Grocery shopping tonight and the new task to continue to shop on the "outside" of the grocery store. Avoid the pre-packaged foods, the instant meals and the added perservatives. Fruits, vegetables, some meat, eggs, milk, orange juice, bread - most of this stuff in on the outer part of the grocery store, so you just make a full circle from one door to the next. Skip going into the inside rows, avoid the urge to buy that item that is not on your grocery list. I am up for a challenge!!!


Mo and Mer said...

Way to go, Jennifer for cooking homemade meals! Inspiration right in your own home.
Good for you to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables! It is easier as a working mom to go toward what is easy, but the change will be healthier for both of you.
Keep up the great work!

Mo and Mer said...

Didn't get a chance to go shoppping for the real stuff, but we did have a very good dinner - salad, soup and a yummy yummy turkey marinated loaf of sorts - BBQ style.