Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 2 -Am I Interested or Committed?

100 Days of Weight Loss by Linda Spangle- 
Title: "Interested or committed"
I have always been interested in losing the weight that I have gained from having my second child. He is almost 5 now and I am still carrying around that extra baggage. I have stopped and started several time in the past 4 years, but always made excuses for not doing it like too busy, too stressed, not enough time, not the right time, and so on. This time is different. I have been with a boot camp for more than a year now and I go 3 times a week. I have the exercise down and now I have to get my healthy eating plan down to make it a habit. It is time to make the commitment and do this thing "no matter what."
I have to have a "no matter what" attitude. Here is a description of how I will stick with my healthy eating plan-
So to make this commitment "no matter what" I have to make sure that the house has enough fruits and vegetables so that I fill up on those instead of the "bad" foods, which are the foods that I crave- crunchy, salty fatty, sugary treats. Now, I do have an addendum to that which is to not deny myself of all sweets. After all I do own 3 bakeries with my husband and he does bring home yummy treats from the bakery so I will allow myself to have two bites to satisfy my taste buds or on rare occasions have a small portion. I have the biggest sweet tooth out of anybody that I know and the last time I did a sugar-free diet was just disastrous with the ways I would sneak in the sweets. It is not worth repeating.
I also have to work on my portion control. I know this is where my weakness is because I love food! I am going to learn the plate method.

It is going to take sometime to get use to this, but I have tried everything from counting points to cooking special diet meals to buying diet foods. All of it is a temporary way of losing weight for me. I need something that keeps it simple and doable. I have to be able to do it anywhere I am and in any situation or circumstances. It is a habit that I have to develop and stick to. I will start by enlisting my husband to help me and I will start with actually measuring out my portions. I know this is not going to be easy for me, but I am committed to this change so I will do it.

Here are the guidelines-
~3-4 oz of protein- lean meats and alternatives
~1/2 c. whole grains
1/2- vegetables and fruits

I found this graphic on using your hands to help portion food-

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