Sunday, April 7, 2013

Out of Shape Moment

Today was the first day I have mowed my lawn in over 4 months - yes, it really has been that long. It has been a long winter and I am grateful that I didn't have to go out and mow the lawn all those months. However, Spring has come in like there is no tomorrow. The lawn is growing, but was not too out of hand to mow today. I had my 12 year old mow the front lawn about two weeks ago and I was busy doing the trimming. Today I was on my own.

I was all excited that I got a nice tax return and put some of it to good  use in purchasing a new lawn mower. It is rechargeable and there is no gas required, no wires to pull around the lawn. So today was the day. It was all charged up and I was ready to go.

The front yard was pretty easy, because we did it a few weeks ago with the old mower. But, once I made my way to the backyard I knew I was in for it. If you are a long time reader of this blog then you will know that my backyard is big. It takes me a good hour to mow - even with a good mower - oh, wait, I haven't had a good mower in a long time. I was hoping this first mow was going to go well.

I started with the first run - the second - the third - phew, this was going to be work - I could feel it. I was getting tired. How much longer is this going to take? What do you mean I have to empty the bag? Guess that is a good thing, since my last mower didn't have a bag. The more I mowed the more I realized how out of shape I was.

I got a new mower, this was supposed to be easy.

Well, not only was the lawn on its winter nap, I found out that I too have taken too long of a break. Today was not a good day, to say the least. By the time I was done I had taken a good 45 minute break in between the process just to recharge. That is crazy - I should have been able to do the whole lawn without being so Out of Shape.

I vow to change that Out of Shape moment of today to many more In Shape moments!!!!!!!


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