Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wednesday Wrap Up

I have been going to bed Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too late every evening and I have been paying for it for quite sometime. Last night was not exception. However, I had the best morning. When my 11  year old saw that I was moving really slow he did the best thing for me. Told me to stay in bed until he had to go to school - well, I did just that. And was smiling from ear to ear when I was hearing that 11 year old in the other room - making his bed, preparing his breakfast and then making his lunch for school. It was the most wonderful morning.

More looking for full-time work was on the agenda, and I think I might have knocked on a few more doors today that might give me that Christmas miracle I am searching for. My son and I finished up our "craft" projects for our Family celebration - I sill have about 90% of my items to finish up, but the box to be mailed to my East Coast sister is ready to go to the post office tomorrow - so knocked that off my list.

We had the best dinner we have had in a long time. Yes, it was just spaghetti, but I was proud at how I made dinner. I had every pot on the stove and was thrilled that I was cooking up the chicken for tomorrow's dinner at the same time. We even had broccoli that was so good and yummy I want to have more - go figure - the desire to have more vegetables, that is awesome.

The next best thing that happened today was that I got to SEW today. My son is in Scouts and now has many patches that have to be put onto his sash and was excited to know that my neighbor is so willing to teach me the finer points of getting those patches on. I was so thrilled with my accomplishment. Got 5 patches on and then had to re-do one just to make it look much better. Learned to take it all apart and start again. It has been an awesome day.

Heading out to lead my Scout leaders for their monthly training session. Wishing everyone a great evening.


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