Thursday, September 6, 2012

The evil moments....

Okay - so I have figured it out - Boredom is the root to all evil. I have been working pretty much non-stop today at this and that and that and this. Then I look up at the clock and think that it is much later then it really is. What, I have two more hours before I have to be somewhere today. This is so cool. I am getting stuff done. I hit a few walls, but in the long run I have been pretty productive today. Even applied for one job  today - hey, it is better then nothing at this point.

Actually, it really is not boredom that is evil, it is the fact that I allow myself to not stay occupied. I can be watching TV and I feel the need for a snack. I am waiting for the internet to move faster and I feel the need to munch while I wait. I can be paying bills and sometimes the snack attack will be on, or even filling out paperwork. The fact is,  I think I just need to keep 100% of my body moving at all times. Or maybe that is not it. I can sit and read blogs and not truly want a snack. But, then again I am never bored when I am reading blogs.

Last night I was veging in bed and just flipping the channels - yes, bad idea to have the TV in my room - but it is there for the moment.....and I found that "boredom" was setting in or just me wanting to munch. This has been one of my worst evil moments in years past, more so the last few months and I am allowing the evil moment to win. Well, last night I was so strong. I kept avoiding the need to munch. I didn't even convince myself that even the little bit of something would take care of the need. Oh, wait - I do have to admit that I did get myself a small glass of milk and added just a hint of chocolate to it. But, that was it. And for me that is triumph. I know I really should have done a cup of tea or another glass of water, but maybe I was looking for that little bit of sweet something....not so sure. All I know was after I had that glass of milk I wanted to go eat something. I didn't. And I kept avoiding the nagging voice in my heat. I won last night - the evil moment did not get the best of me. The overwhelming feeling I had from last nights experience was so empowering. Different then what I have felt before when I have thought that I had mastered the late night munching. There was just something about it - can't really explain it - I can't wait to have to deal with it again, because I know and will beat out the evil moment!!!

I am looking forward to more winning evil moments in the future. Got on the scale this morning and there was a smile on my face!!! Doing well. Keeping up the good work!!!

What evil moment did you conquer recently?


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