Monday, December 19, 2011

Shoulda, Woulda....still Can!!! (and I DID)

I should have exercised this morning. I would feel better if I did. Morning was starting out okay, but then got to work and all the hens in the basket...well, the eggs seem to have broken.

I know that when I would have exercised I would be in a better mood. I should have exercised and my attitude would be a bit better about the unorganized aspect of my job (not any of my issues....just not knowing how each day is going to play out lately is frustrating)...boss does not know if he is coming or going and then he goes and we don't know when he is coming I said, unorganized mess.

So, I should have exercised, and if I did I know I would be in a better mode. I still can get in my exercise today. Lunch time can allow me a 30 minute walk - foggy or not, it will do this body some good. Then a 30 minute workout after dinner while watching a Christmas Special with my son - we seem to have a pattern going this month - love all the many Christmas shows - makes the season seem more special!!!

Not regretting the Should or the Would - looking forward to the Can!!!!

**** Update - did a lunchtime walk at our local Lake/Park area. It was not quite 30 minutes, but a good 20. The sun cut through the thick fog from this morning and I had a moment to enjoy the peacefulness.
Got the blood flowing and am ready to finish off my day ***

The whole pathway from start to finish is just about one mile!!

Look at how quiet it is out there!

Staying MOtivated MO


Michele said...

Beautiful place for a walk! Yes to finding time to exercise.

Mer and Mo said...

Good for you Mo! A walk is the best thing you can do for YOU! Keep it up!