Friday, December 30, 2011

Day 80-Get a New Title

Reflections from 100 days of Weight Loss by Linda Spangle

What do the words- "fat, lazy, failure, fat slob, pig" make you see in your minds eye? For me it brings a negative picture of myself. So Spangle says that the brain does not recognize the difference between negative and positive images so it will assume that you want to look like a PIG!
In this new year it is time to create a new and improved picture of yourself. This will help you focus on your goals and as the reading says it will make you focus on your potential instead of your mistakes. It is time to redesign the new you moving forward and making progress. Come up with a new name for yourself one that is happy, positive and makes you smile every time that you say it to yourself. Suggestions from the reading and I am not sure I like them, but here it is- sexy mama, hot babe, power woman. Maybe "beautiful healthy mama" will work for me. The other big idea is that you pick something that describes you without describing your weight or size. Use this new name whenever you are deciding how to manage your life challenges. So when dealing with a stressful day I can ask myself, "How would beautiful healthy mama handle this?"

Here are some other phrases to use to describe yourself-
I am a fit person!
I am a healthy person!
I am a balanced person!
I am a strong person!
I am a solid person!

Tell Beautiful Healthy Mama your new name for this next year-
Working from the inside out,


Maren said...

I am a strong person.. the others... I'm working on. :p

Dawn said...

My big issue was i didn't love myself ( or even like myself) I called myself a big fat failure regularly. These days I'm proud of myself and I like myself. I am learning to be my own friend, someone who speaks well of me, thinks the best and says encouraging things. I want to be my own BFF ( Best Female Friend)