Monday, November 21, 2011

Dessert Temptation Victory Here I Come!!!!

My little sis has a new backyard (oh, and a new house to go with it) and this year was her first Apple picking season. She is learning that she needs to prune and we found a good way to trim the apples so that she can have big apples. Next year it will be different. However, this year she was overloaded with apples, which meant she made pies (8), turnovers (25), apple cobbler (15) and gave away tons of buckets of apples. I gave away two large boxes to the local Salvation Army - and these were large boxes. There are only 4 trees, but these apples are everywhere. I never really thought my sister was a huge baker, but I guess I was wrong. The good part, that I found out on Saturday, is that she has not eaten any of it. Her boyfriend has had some of the turnovers, which by the way he will not share with anyone...and all the other goodies have gone to neighbors, friends and co-workers. I am even looking forward to some fresh made apple sauce that my neighbors Mom was going to make with some of these apples.

Saturday my son and I ventured over to little Miss Apple Bakers house. The visit was yummy, because she had made us an apple cobbler for us to enjoy at home. My son managed to down about 1/4 of the tasty delight before it even made it home (have I ever told you that he is a bottomless pit - wish I had his thin figure and metabolism) and yes, he did sit down at the table and used a fork - no eating out of the pan on the drive home -LOL. When we got home I tried a little bit, but didn't go overboard.

Here is my challenge - my son is gone for the next 5 days, but that apple delight is still in my kitchen. I know that it will be calling my name. I can even hear it now. BUT, there is NO WAY I am going to partake in another bite of it. I asked my son if he wanted me to save it and he is so sweet when he says, "you can have it". No - not this time - I will be saving it for him. You see, if I say it out loud and tell him I am going to save it for him, then I need to save it for him. If I say it out loud, then I have to make it come true. That means that I can not sneak a bite, not a crumb, not a single tasty apple. I have wrapped it up tight, it is in the back of the refrigerator so that I won't even be tempted to open it up, take it out or even look at it from afar.

My other challenge - I will only eat one dessert (and not the two or three I would normally have) at Thanksgiving or Christmas this year. I want this Holiday Dessert Temptation to be a Victory I will win!!

Staying MOtivated MO


Maren said...

I think you can do anything you put your mind to!

deanna said...

I love your determination, you CAN do it!

that TOPS lady said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. :) It is nice to know that people actually read what I write!

You asked about TOPS. It stands for Take Off Pounds Sensibly and it is a weight loss support group that meets once per week. There are chapters all over the country and even internationally. You can check out to see if there is one near you! :)

Maria said...

Ooooooooooooh I love apple desserts. I wish I lived closer, I'd have been at your sister's house with empty buckets!

Good for you, staying away from the yumminess! I'm glad to hear you're allowing yourself a dessert for the holidays. I always cringe when someone says they aren't going to have anything at all! Holidays are for celebrating!

Mer and Mo said...

@Maria - thought about staying away all together, but I know that I would slip, so being moderate is good for me. Oh, and I have another plan of action, will have tea or a low calorie coffee drink to go with it - always seems to fill me up and I avoid more of the sweet treat later on.....MO