Thursday, September 8, 2011

MO-TI-VA-TION....ohhhh, ohhhh that MO-TI-VA-TION

There has been a song in my head playing around and around. The kind of song that just jumps into your head and before you know it the words have been changed. Well, that song has been following me for a few weeks now. It hasn't been strong, just in the back of my head, but it is there. Sometimes up front, sometimes just a little nudge and then I say - Back Up - that song can't be in my head. I am not sure how it happened, but it did and I really don't want to hear it anymore. This song makes me think of good looking guys playing volleyball on the beach, guys that well, maybe someday will notice me because I am skinny look better then I do right now - and boy oh boy - a guy in uniform dating me - just the thought makes me all giggly inside.

Tried as I might I wanted to post the actual video so you could hit PLAY, but I think at this point you are only seeing the picture of this movie moment. But I think I actually got it to work - or maybe not..........(can't seem to preview this to make sure it works)............

In my head comes the insertion of the word MO-TI-VA-TION where Tom Cruise (dreamy) is singing LOVIN FEELIN......I feel like I have Lost that "Motivation" - oh oh ohhhhh, that MO-TI-VA-TION (ok, playing it safe - here is the link, hope that works).

When I do a post I make sure I have been signing them with Staying MOtivated Mo and when I comment on others posts I sign off the same way, not so you know that is it MO doing the post (and not Mer), but to give me that boost - to keep staying motivated. Recently I have Lost that MO-TI-VA-TION. Wondering where it went?

I have been working since January 2011 on this weight loss journey. Longest weight loss journey in wow- how many years?? And the most weight I have lost even before oh - well, that is too long to even mention - let's just say even before 1998...yes, might be even longer then that. This is even the most energized I have been since 1999 - even then I wasn't that motivated to lose - I didn't have the dedication. I am very proud at how far I have come, but how come I can't find my MO-TI-VA-TION? I have been reading how McGee has her September off to a good start, or how Dawn is into a UK size 16, and about Puffy getting the 100 Days of Weight Loss book and sharing it with all of us. Or what about Sheryl rockin' it out everyday? And what about C - the progress photos she has put up - that is inspiration and motivation all combined (she has not posted in a a few weeks, but I know she is out there). How in the world do these people and SO MANY more out there in Blog Land or even in my own backyard keep it up? Where is my dedication? I don't want to have lost my MO-TI-VA-TION!!!!

I am searching myself and wondering - when will I get back on track? Why did I go through the fast food drive-thru today (yep, I did)? That Ice Cream we had the other night for company, I should have had them take it home...its all gone - already - I shouldn't have even taken two bites. The night time snacking has begun (again) and well, I am not proud of it. I have only done 1 day of exercise since last week?? What is going on? Yep - I have lost that MO-TI-VA-TION!! WHY?? I am sure I could search my inner being and figure out why - laziness, NSV's have been limited, I am busy, I am staying up late at night, lack of sleep, it is too hot outside to exercise. OH - MY - GOODNESS - those are all bad, very bad excuses.

I saw a Facebook post the other day and it said "A One Hour workout is only 4% of your day! NO excuses!!"..............4% - only 4% - do you know how much time we spend waiting in line for something, or are at work or go to the doctor to make sure we are healthy or or or you want me to go on?? That FB post is so right - I have no excuse - do 1 hour a day. It is sort of like the really old Blue Diamond Walnut commercial that asked the public to buy "A CAN A WEEK - That's all we Ask" for me - An Hour a day - that's all your BODY asks of you MO - just do it. And for the food factor - well, that is something I have to work on.

Time to think of some other songs of inspiration. Just found this website - Skinny Songs....songs like Skinny Jeans, I'm a Hottie Now, You Da Boss....or what about other songs - like Beautiful by Christina Aguilera...or Perfect, by Pink.........or...any other suggestions?

Could have "sat" on this and said nothing, but it is time for me to be honest with myself and be accountable to myself. Being accountable to the blog world is helping me too. Wishing me luck to finding another song that helps me get my Lovin' Feelin' BACK and my Motivation will not be a lost art form.

struggling, and doing my best to Staying MOtivated MO


Anonymous said...

Oh that 4% post makes me feel a little guilty!

Karen@WaistingTime said...

I have asked myself why sometimes I have it, motivation, mojo, whatever, and sometimes I don't. Can't figure it out.

Christina said...

That video is so funny! I love it.

Falling off track happens. No one is ever 100% perfect. What's important is picking yourself right back up and getting right back on track. Don't let a 'bad' meal turn into a bad day or a bad week - fix it NOW. This journey isn't about learning not to fall; it's about learning how to pick yourself back up. :)

I love the Facebook post. 4% isn't much at all!