Friday, September 30, 2011

The 31 Day Challenge begins this Saturday!!

October has 31 days - and with that comes the 

October also has Halloween, candy and just after that my birthday. There are many good reasons to join this 31 day Challenge. I have teamed up with Jessica and with Big Clyde on the 31 day challenge (and I am sure there will be more). I am loving some of the goals that I have seen so far - walking 1 mile a day for 31 days, or maybe even doing 150 miles of bike riding in the next 31 days.

My goal - 2 hours a day of exercise for 31 days.

In my post the other day I talked about exercising for 2 hours each day. I have fully decided that I am going to do that. I really want to be a BIGGEST LOSER, I want to work on my goals (which, by the way I have not been working on). AND there is this other thing that I have been struggling with - wait for it - wait for it.....I have been reading other bloggers, I see people on the weight loss TV commercials and there are those other shows, like I Used To Be Fat (MTV), Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Addition (ABC) - oh, and Heavy (A&E) where I might watch, read and see that they are all reaching milestones, goals, dreams, achievements....where am I in all of that??? At first I get jealous - That isn't fair - I want to be the same size as they are! What - she is down how many pounds? How come he is dropping the weight so fast? No Fair, No Fair, No Fair.

then I realize - I AM NOT doing what they are doing. I AM NOT working as hard as them. I AM NOT dedicated like they are. I AM NOT actually "doing it". If I want to be the Biggest Loser this year I have to be working hard everyday. No - wait - not HAVE TO - I NEED TO - I WANT TO. I read the other day Jo's post that there are NO EXCUSES. She is dealing with much, but has not fallen off the wagon. I, on the other hand, have lost all momentum. I am in this huge funk and want to get out. Not only do I need get healthy, because I am very much overweight, I have a son to raise (and am doing about 95% of it on my own - no wait, that would be close to 99%), and well, this was the year of change for me. Where did that drive go? What happened?

I am NOT doing this particular challenge to be overzealous or to win some money, but actually because if those on the BIGGEST LOSER can do it, why can't I? What am I waiting for? If I have always wanted to be on the BIGGEST LOSER show, then why not make myself feel like I am really there. If I WANT to get into the next lower size, then I should WANT to do this challenge. It is more of a WANT then a NEED at this point. I WANT to be challenged. I WANT to hit this goal. If losing weight is a priority with me, then I WANT to make it a priority. Shift some duties around, make it work. This should be the 1st think in my life I do, then taking care of the rest of my life will come easily.

So, my son is gone for a good portion of the next two weeks (Fall Break) and as much as I have tried, when he is gone I have stress in my head about him being gone (a Mom always worries, but you have to really know me to understand the stress factor). If I am exercising it will help my mental state. This will give me a good starting point. Once he gets back and we are back on the regular routine I will have set up a new priority and routine in my own life. This I know I can do!!!!! I WANT to do this!!!!

I have thought long and hard about this challenge. The funk is going to be left at the doorstep of September 30th. I am ready for this. 31 days - 2 hours of exercise a day. I have 31 days to get rid of my funk, add more strength to my body, gain some muscle, lose some more, but for sure get back to how I was growing and learning and was losing weight and how it was changing my life!!!! The first part of the 2011 was grand - I want to end the year with a bang!!!

Oh - and I have another other simple challenge. I recently had a dentist appointment my dentist always complains that I don't floss enough - dental flossso guess, what - I have been flossing every night (tired or not) and I am going to go the full 6 months. And my x-ray on the screen will show improvement from the last visit. Are you flossing???

Up for a Challenge MO


Karen@WaistingTime said...

October will be very hard for me. I'm posting about it next week. No challenges though - I tend to fail those and last fall I gained weight on my 100 day challenge! I am a big flosser because I have a lot of crowns and stuff and food gets caught. I have it in my kitchen.

Anonymous said...

Holy challenges.

I am a mad flosser. Drives my husband crazy. I do not floss in front of him. My husband refuses to floss even when I buy him toys to do it with or little disposable ones. Strangely, he does not have one cavity. Not one. Pisser.

Bruce said...

Great goal! You can do it!

I'll decide tomorrow if I am in. I am signed up for a half marathon at the end of the month. That might be my goal in and of itself.

Dawn said...

great that you are inspired...I loved the program heavy....I really cared about the people on it. You are going to look great after a heavy attitude to that challenge!
Great that you are finding such inspiration - its what keeps us all motivated. Looking forward to hearing of your success. Are you going to show us photos too? No pressure, you know I understand the need to feel privacy here, but exciting to see for the rest of us!

Michele said...

Challenges have really helped me in my journey, especially the one I did this summer. So, great news that you will be doing one, too! Two hours of exercise is about 10 % of your weekly hours. Doable. Yes, doable! I will be cheering you on, my friend!

Christina said...

Two hours is a lot, but I bet you can do it! What kind of exercise are you going to do? October is your month!!!! I can't wait to see how you, Clyde, Alan, and Jessica do with this challenge! Good luck. :)

P.S. - My new blog is up!