Thursday, August 18, 2011

Inspiration comes from Frustration- Workout Ideas

Like Mo sometimes I sleep through my workouts and I get really frustrated that I did not get it in.  My days are so full that I don't get a chance to do much of anything to "add" a workout in.  Sometimes inspiration comes from frustration which is what happened this week with my return to work and the lack of a bootcamp instructor since she decided to stop so that she could sleep in. 

Here are some ideas on how to get in a workout while working at home or the office-
  1. Friend of mine told me that when she goes to the bathroom that she does 30 squats! What a great way to get some strengthening in. I thought I could also do 30 lunges or 30 dead-lifts. 
  2. At the photocopy machine, I stand in front of the machine and do calf raises until I am done copying.
  3. When I have something to read through I will do a wall sit for as long as I can.  To challenge myself I might lift one leg at a time.
  4. If I need a moment to move I might get up and do some wall push ups and will do them until my arms are tired.
  5. I will also do some tricep dips or side bends on my office chair when I am thinking for a moment.
  6. The shoulder roll is a great stretch and so is the seated figure four. 
  7. I bought some resistance bands to do some toe and foot stretches, but there are a millon things you can do with some bands: tricep extensions, bicep curls and shoulder presses just to name a few. They are great because I can fold them up and take them wherever I want.   
  8. I do sit on a big red ball and so I do bounce while I am working. It gets the blood going and I am more awake after I do that. I also I  do some sitting cat and cow stretches.
  9. When I get home there are few things around the front door that I can grab and do. Hoola hooping is so much fun. My sister had it made for me, but all it is PVC pipe with some pretty ribbon.  Jump rope and do some planks. All 3 activites I do in about 5 minutes. Then, I am off and running to get dinner going. 
  10. Dancing while making dinner. Just blast your favorite tunes and shake that booty. It always brings a smile to my husband's face and the kids just join in on the fun.
Whatever you do just don't stay still!
Always on the Move- MER


Michele said...

Great ideas! I am always interested in finding ways to get in upper arm strength training: two of my favorites are taking a couple of heavy items, like spaghetti sauce jars, and to doing arm lifts. I also do the same with a sack of potatoes(small sack!). Have a great weekend!! Michele

Mer and Mo said...

Hey Mer - thanks for all the great xtra workout tips. I am going to put many of those to use, or use them more, since I am in need of getting the juices flowing on a daily basis (more so now then ever!!).

Too funny that we both did a post at the same time last night. Comes to show you that we are both night owls...(need to get to bed earlier so we can be fresh and ready for my morning workouts).


Munchberry said...

First - I am so glad you commented on my blog today because the lightbulb went of over my head. I have been racking my brain trying to remember where I had heard about Linda Spangle. I had given up. And THERE YOU WERE this morning. I like her.

Now, as to the post at hand. I am in love with ideas 1-4. I am going to start doing them. I was doing calf raises in front of the stove and fridge yesterday - Good grief.