Thursday, August 18, 2011

Compliments A Plenty!!!

I finally got out of my funk - which was nice. I did get in a full hour of walking with my sister last night, and didn't have to deal with my little one, so it was a good workout kind of night. Still on track with my 14 + 14 = 28 days in August workout plan. I have only missed two days and have 1 still left to go without, but will not let that 1 day go to waste!!! I have been putting in my 14 + 14 + 14 = 42 minutes (or add another 14 to get 56 minutes of a workout in) each day - I am really enjoying this. I like to thank Alan for that June Boom push!!! Exercise everyday in June. My June & July were pretty crazy and I am finally getting it into gear that no matter what gets in my way putting exercise into my daily schedule is just the right fit!!!!

With that being said, I am seeing the compliments coming from near and far. Last week as I was setting out for one of my evening walks with my little sis she was in awe of how I looked. I was puzzled, even told her that the workout pants I was wearing were big on me. However, she told me that something about my top half looked really good. That maybe I was going to lose that 14 pounds (one can hope) in this month.
That compliment made me feel good.....(one compliment - ding!)

Then last night I met up with some relatives of mine. Well, actually if you want to know they are ex-relatives - is that what they are called when you are not married to their family anymore??? (LOL) It was nice to see them. One of the sisters I had not seen in over 10 months or more. She was gushing at how good I looked. She wanted to know what weight loss plan I was following and I just told her of my success - no fast food, no sodas, no eating after the dinner hour, portion control, no seconds, packing my lunch, eating at home more, and finally doing the exercising - oh, wait - can't forget that I am drinking more water, too. Her sister finally joined us and they both could not stop talking at how much I was glowing. They both were even impressed at how good my hair looked.....(two and three compliment - ding!)

....which then brings me to my hair appointment today. I know you will all be jealous, but I have to share that I don't have any gray hair. Ok, maybe there is one or two in there, but I just can't see them. My hair dresser can't see any either. I am no longer coloring my hair and that is saving me tons of money. My natural hair is fully back! I am also trying to grow my hair long to donate it to Locks of Love. At today's appointment my hair dresser was loving my new look. She was impressed to hear that I have lost 40 pounds. She then kept saying how healthy my hair is. Not that it was that bad before, but she sees an improvement. I want to believe that the healthy hair is because I am eating healthy now. What a great compliment - healthy hair and my hair dresser can't wait to see a "skinnier me" at my next appointment....(four compliments - ding!)

From that appointment I had to make sure I met up with my OBGYN to have a follow up appointment that well, was about 6 months later then it was supposed to be. 2 hours of waiting and I finally was the one that was hearing my doctor say she was so sorry for the wait, where I thought I would be the one saying I was so sorry for not coming in sooner. This part was the best - as we were talking I happened to tell my doctor that I had dropped 40 pounds since January. Wouldn't you believe it - my doctor started to bow down to me. You know - the kind of bow where you put your hands out in front of you and then say things like "we're not worthy"!! Can I just say that her compliment made me feel really good. I have gotten many compliments, but it was just so cool to have your own doctor totally be so happy for you, even if you don't know them that well. I left that office today walking on cloud nine....(fifth compliment - ding!)

Not that I am looking for compliments a plenty everyday, but to have those five is motivation! I am empowered to keep going! I am feeling good, energized and I am so ready for my next accomplishment!!! Many more pounds to go, but I won't look to the final outcome. I will keep going, continue to avoid the temptations, continue the exercise, continue smiling, continue knowing that I am doing this for me! Compliments or not - Me, myself and I will get to goal and will be successful!!!!!!!!!!!

Staying MOtivated MO


Mer and Mo said...

High FIVE for those FIVE AWESOME compliments. So nice to be recognized for the hard work you are doing. I love the infectious enthusiasm! If you don't mind I am going to ride on your coat tails of compliments and grab on for the BIG momentum of excitment that we have going here! I love this! And I feel so empowered. We are doing it Mo! Anyone that wants to join us please do!
Have an great weekend!!!!

Bruce said...

Those "dings" are nice, especially from the doctor! Great job!

The Fat Mom said...

Very awesome post Mo! Compliments are always nice to hear. Especially on those days when you really don't want to get on the treadmill or are dying for that peice of cake after dinner. Keep it up!

Christina said...

AWESOME!!! How cool that the people around you are noticing!!! Keep up the hard work, chica!!!

I am SO envious of your hair! I started going gray at 19, and I now have TONS of white hairs.