Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mo's May Goals

A lot of thinking went into this list - I know I can do it - going to stay fully motivated: 
  • Go to bed no later then 10 pm (if not sooner) - that means....teeth are brushed, in the bed with lights turned off ready to count sheep 10 pm kind of thing....
  • Wake up about 4:30 am (yes, I know it is early).
  • Work out 5 days a week from 5 am until 6 am - Going to do things I enjoy, but still breaking a sweat!! On Saturday and Sunday I can sleep in, but still put in a 30 minute workout!
  • Continue new eating plan for the whole month of May
  • Take a walk at work at least 3 days a week. Movement is good!!!
  • Try to make my Balance Ball work at my work space.
  • Strive to hit the goal of being at the weight I was in 2007- almost there - about 5 more to go!!
  • Strive to lose the last 14 pounds of my Aman Going to Santa Cruz Challenge. Total Challenge was to lose 20 pounds by May 27th (since March). Aman has to get his grades up. My plateau put me behind a bit, but finally broke it. I am doing well and think it just might happen.  
and on a personal note - not only to stay accountable, but I want to see other rewards, rather then just in weight change.....
  • Enjoy the morning paper & breakfast out on the back porch at least 5 days a week - the weather is great and heck, I have a wonderful backyard to enjoy!!
  • Each evening work on Day Camp for 2-3 hours - 200 Scouts coming in 6 weeks - OMG - what did I sign myself up for - LOL - weekends I have to work longer....its all for the kids and I do enjoy it!!
  • Take a break from the Day Camp madness either on Friday or Saturday - do something for yourself, see a movie, go for a walk with a friend, get your nails done, go to the Farmers Market...try something new
  • Get flowers every other week - just to brighten up your day

Staying MOtivated - Recharged - Energized - LOVING Life - MO


Carla said...

Hi Mo, those are great goals. Your first 3 are the same as mine. Oh to be able to sit out in the backyard. It is STILL cold and rainy here in the Pacific Northwest.

Mer and Mo said...

What awesome goals, Mo! And to make them public on the blog is such a brave thing. I know you will hit your goals because you are committed to your success!!!
So sorry I have not been posting. District Science Fair is next week and with 375 students coming to a new site I am just running around connecting all the dots and keeping it going.
I am still going to bootcamp and pilates as well as sticking to healthy eating plan that I set for myself. Now, if I could just get enough sleep. That is one thing that I will have to work on.
Thanks so much for being there while we make this journey together. You make it so much more fun and MOtivating!

Mer and Mo said...

@Carla - that is so funny that we have the same 1st three goals. I promise, I didn't cut & paste if you did post your goals for May (LOL) and so glad I am not the only crazy wake up early kind of person.

@Mer - no worries. I know that May is a hectic time for you. I know your out there cheering me on and I with you!!! Going to see you Saturday - think we need to give the Blog World a picture...maybe....How is bootcamp going? New round and I bet it is kicking you into high high gear!

GO MO GO!!!!

Enjoyed a lovely Spring day in the backyard today - not too cold, a bit warm...viewed my huge wonderful rose bush corner with my breakfast!