Friday, March 25, 2011

A Stop at the Grocery Store

It has been a busy week for this Single Gal!! Still Spring Break for my son and I don't get him back until tonight (woo hoo). Can't wait for Spring Break to be over with - and what is with all this rain. Drove into a small Hail Storm yesterday and now it is raining again. The ever trustworthy weatherman is saying we might get Sun and the 70's next week, but I will believe it when I see is. When they say that March Come In Like A Lion they are not kidding - hoping that April will Come In Like A Lamb...or how does that saying really go?? Did I get it right.........

Ok - Ok - so I am getting off track here...........

You see, there have been times in the past when I have had a FREE Mom Week or FREE Mom Weekend (sometimes it is a perk to have an ex) that I get the chance to enjoy a night out. I love to go out with the girls, but there were times that I just needed to have a night out with the grocery store. (Maybe I would find a nice looking guy in the milk section - yeah, right.........)

Friday afternoon - the work clock is about to hit 5 pm and this single girl has planned her evening and is excited about heading home, but wait - what am I doing for dinner? Let's stop for some "treats". A movie, maybe even a good magazine, but the grocery store was my escape. A good place to get a cheap and LARGE meal of take-out Chinese food, then proceed down the Frozen Food Aisle - you know the one - the Ice Cream. I have always been thrifty, so sometimes I would go back and forth as to what was cheaper - the 2 for $6.00 offer or should I just get the Ben & Jerry's pint?? And of course I had to make my way down the soda aisle - a large thing of Coke. Sometimes other things would fall into that basket too....chips, dip, another sweet treat for Saturday or Sunday, and what the heck, how about a pizza or other not really good for list of foods that I was going to eat before the sun came up on Monday morning. I was a "closet" eater. I would "hide" these food from my son. I don't force him to eat healthy, but I used to make sure that if there was a "treat" in the house that it was limited. I would endulge in the treats and not let him know that was the reason why I was not losing weight. I didn't want him to get into the same habits as I did. Oh, what was I doing. Wow - the memories are coming back.
Well, Wednesday night I had that moment, that memory. I had that Single Gal kind of Free Mom moment. I had a late night with my Parents Without Partners meeting and I was so proud of myself for not being tempted to get Pizza, as the meeting was at Round Table Pizza. Someone offered me a slice and another offered me Chicken Wings....I just drank my water with every intention to eat dinner at home. But, the meeting went so long and I was tired and I didn't want to cook - how about fast food - oh, it was so tempting - Sonic, Jack In the Box, Moo Moo's Hamburger Joint.....but, no, not that - how about the grocery store. Yep - that's the ticket - something good. A roasted chicken for the rest of the week, a thing of soup (because it was raining again)...the list went into my head. As I was crossing the parking lot it occured to me - "Remember when you used to do these evening trips to the grocery store and get the ice cream??" I so laughed out-loud. I wasn't tempted. I wasn't going to cave. I have been doing great. I am loving this new life for me. I am feeling charged, energized and just around the corner to feeling sexy again - I can do this!!!

I left the store with a bunch of bananas and two frozen healthy (actually pretty yummy) meals (one for lunch the next day). I was smart with my purchase and proud that I had a very successful shopping trip without a list and without the temptations all around me. This Gal is doing it - fully charged and ready to tackle that next memory, that next moment!!!

Keep it up - you can do it - I can do it!!!!

Staying MOtivated


Jackie said...

WooHooo for you! Don't you love it when you actually FEEL yourself changing and getting stronger? You must feel so good about yourself! I have to go to the grocery store today and I'll remember you when I, hopefully, walk PAST the ice cream. It is Friday and I've always love Fridays - chicken wings, pizza, hallelujah celebrations that the work week is over...oh, dear, I'd better stop now. Thanks for helping me refocus. I WILL NOT stop for ice cream tonight!

Dawn said...

I did that tooo ( secret shops for even more secret evenings when I knew I was alone.)
Its funny when you find out you're not the only one.
Its nice to find people who know what it feels like not to do it any more
Lovely post, great you've changed

Mer and Mo said...

Wanted to add this - a few hours ago I didn't hesitate to type this, but moments after I hit the "post" key my mind & body had this huge WOW overwhelming feeling. WOW did I really just post that??!! Really glad that I did!!! WOW moments are the best!


Mer and Mo said...

Wow MO! You are one courageous person to put yourself out there like that. I proud of you for sharing and I am even more proud of the changes that you are making for yourself.