Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 60- Create a Stop Sign

From 100 days of Weight Loss by Linda Spangle

To use the "instead" list from head and heart hunger an instant reaction plan is needed. Spangle explains that it is the emergency countdown  plan for emotional hunger that you do before I do my list of "insteads." Her suggestions include- grabbing a piece of gum, taking a short walk, writing in your magic notebook. I think all of these are great suggestions and I would have them on my own list.
I would also add-

  • grabbing a sugar-free mint since I leave a pack on my desk already
  • having a cup of tea since that is easy for me to get 
  • get up and walk away
  • do relaxation breathing for a count of 10
I like that I already have these in place for myself. I find that I need it at work since that is where I tend to stress eat.
Spangle also suggest that when you are tempted to reach for food that you should pull out on of your stop signs and then, do the 3 things on your "instead" lists.  I have memorized my "instead" lists and now I can use them anywhere I am.
It is nice to see the day 60, but I have gotten to the point that the day really doesn't matter because even after the 100 days I will not quit on myself ever. Even though I struggled with my eating this week, I keep moving forward. I forgive myself more easily since I know I am not perfect. I am going to have moments of weakness. It was just one day this week where I was tired, frustrated and filled with anxiety so I ate cookies, but not as much as I use to. I use to stress eating a whole sleeve of Girl Scout cookies, but this time it was only 5 cookies before I stopped myself and did something on my "instead" list. Now, with the big red emergency stop sign I feel that I will be able to stop myself even before it starts.
What will be on your "emergency emotional stop sign"?


Carla said...

Hi Mer, I like the idea of an instead list. I hadn't thought of the things I do as an instead list, but I will now. My things are: chew gum, walk, stop and really decide if I want X or not. I keep a water bottle at work with a lemon wedge in it, that is also very helpful.

I made the egg muffins today. They are soooo good. I made them as a sort of Denver omelet, potato frittata with half eggs and half egg beaters. Thanks for the idea, hope you have a great weekend. Carla

Chubby McGee said...

Have you tried those sugar free mint chocolate ice cream gum sticks? They're GOOD and they really do ease the craving for sugary sweets! :)

scrapwordsmom said...

You are so inspiring to me!! Keep up the great work! And stopping to think really is what I need to do. When I'm on track that IS what I do!! LOL!

I am back on today!

Mer and Mo said...

McGee gave me a good idea, but I am not a huge fan of gum, very picky about what gum I do chew, but it is a good Stop Sign Factor. Going to make a HUGE stop sign for myself and post it on the refrig...LOL