Thursday, March 3, 2011

Plugs or No Plugs - Looking for feedback

Mo Here - Ok - so this does not have to do with my weight loss, my new lifestyle or even my exercising. Well, maybe it does have to do with a new lifestyle. I am looking for some feedback ...

I recently had Lasik Eye Surgery. I have been waiting for over 5 years to have this done, ok - well, actually FOREVER!! After many years of waiting, doing my research, taking the time to go to the eye doctor and have all the proper tests done, hearing about how successful others have been with Lasik I finally took the plunge. Veterans Day November 2010 - I finally had my surgery. Now, we have all heard the stories - it is wonderful, it is great, the best thing ever - and I really do believe that. However, in the process of having this surgery you can develop a dry eye issue. I am having that issue. I knew the risks, I was ready for it, but not sure I was ready for the next step. With my dry eyes I have been following my doctors orders to the best of my ability - taking my flag seed oil (oh, how to you spell that) and putting in my lubricant eye drops more times then I can count. However, here is the part that is scaring doctor is recommending that he put in Eye Plugs. Little plugs that they will insert into the tear duct area of my eyes. They are not supposed to hurt or you don't even need to have a special "procedure" done - they just "pop" right in. Then these will help lubricate my eyes more. I have done a bit of research and even heard first hand a little bit of information I didn't really want to hear. My appointment is Tuesday. Should I get the plugs or shouldn't I??? Even with the plugs I may have to go back in for a minor touch up, but can't do the touch up until they can see that my eyes are doing better with the tears forming with the help of these plugs.

Anyone out there in blog world had this issue? What have you experienced and is there any real good link or words of wisdom / advice you can give me. Should I have the eye plugs put in, what are the risks, are there really good benefits to it. Thanks for the help!!



The Fat Mom said...

I already have a problem with dry eyes so I've never really considered Lasik. Not to mention, I really like my glasses!

Anyways....if you can this done can it be taken out? If the eye plugs really hurt you or cause nothing but problems are they removable?

Mer and Mo said...

I have been told that this would be permanent, but if they have to be removed they would be surgically removed. I have recently read that some of them are temporary, plus some go in and have to be removed/replaced on a regular basis. I have realized that being over 40 I might have to have reading glasses even with the surgery. The dry eye issue has been a real eye opener - LOL -

Jackie said...

Dry eye is so uncomfortable. I have them too, but no plugs so far. I've worked for eye doctors for several years and there are pros and cons to everything. The eye surgeon I work for won't risk LASIK surgery on her own eyes, but recommends it to all her patients. Go figure. Not to be trite, but it seems (after working with physicians and surgeons for 18 years) that most patients get what they expect to get from their treatments. We have very ill patients who do astonishly well after treatment because they expected to do well. We have patients with relatively easy to treat conditions who simply don't heal no matter what (with no explanation)and they usually have "deeper issues" for not healing. Most of the doctors I've worked for agree that most of the time what the patient expects to happen, usually happens. If you're worried about having plugs put in (beyond the normal nervousness about having it done), then perhaps you should wait a little longer and see how you feel in a couple of months. Nervousness about a procedure is normal. Your post indicates that you might be a little past "just nervous." I hope this helps a little bit.
Blessings whatever you choose to do.

Mer and Mo said...

@Jackie - thanks for the feedback. And no worries about being trite, sometimes you have to hear that. I have decided to seek a second opinion and wait a little bit more, only been about 90 days at this point.
Glad that you are following us!