Thursday, March 31, 2011

Just another typical Wednesday!

Yesterday - 3:45 pm - hectic and run run run was on the agenda. A very important package had to go out - would I make it in time? Thought I had another day, but nope - always last minute stuff happens at work - just the way it goes. I thought I had time to make the 5 pm drop off, but nope - had trouble with the address, the package has to be at its destination by 2 pm Thursday and well, my office is trying to cut back on costs, so forget the overnight delivery option - let's try the next cheapest way. 4:10 pm - will I make it in time - 4:22 pm - nope, you missed the truck by 2 minutes - try to catch him at his 4:45 "coffee break" stop. What - I don't have time for this - I have to do this and that.......the pursuit to find the UPS guy was on. I headed down the 3 mile stretch and hoped to see a truck or two - I might get lucky. Yep - caught him. Now to run to pick up my son - would I make it in time for my 5 pm Scout meeting? 30 minutes to go to one town and back again - no stress - I can do this - take a sip of water - you will be fine. The great part, I didn't feel stressed - life is so good right now.

5 pm- Made it - Scout meeting - tour of the library. This was nice - time for someone else to do the leading and a time for the boys to listen to someone else. Stuck around too long making sure parents were ready for the next meeting, answered questions, dealt with Day Camp issues....oh, my son did get a new book he wanted to check out, he read it all the way home - I love when kids like to read.....

But wait - what's this....what do you mean your Mission report is due on Monday - it can't be? I thought we had until April 15th. OMG - how are we going to get it done in time?? We worked for two hours - got most of it done and so glad that he had his outline worked out for it - looking good - pictures were ordered online, gotta love the internet....pick those up today - will try to leave work early - can we get it done? Yes, have to get it done tonight because, well, he goes to his father's this weekend, and well, been there, done that and it never works (believe me I have tried). Again, I don't feel stressed - its all good. My son worked really hard last night and is proud of what he has accomplished so far. Thank goodness I remembered the date of when the actual building is due - I have three weeks left on that.....

OK - back to the rest of my day and my latest challenge with food......

6:30 pm - home for dinner and homework. What's that - what do you want for dinner?
Hamburger Helper??!!               Mexican <em>Hamburger Helper Cheesy Enchilada</em> 7.5 Oz          OH NO - This is my all time favorite meal. I know, it isn't any good for you and it is high in calories. But, it is just so yummy. Many have never had it - can't even contemplate why you need some noodles (or rice) with a pre-packaged flavored bag to help spice up hamburger - but I love it. What about chicken - nope - and forget the Tuna Helper - that is just wrong. Ground Turkey - that saves on calories and is wcheaper right now. This would be the first time in over 3 months (maybe even 4) that I have even had this box in my house. I had a weakness the other day while grocery shopping and allowed my son to pick out a few things for himself. Two boxes of Hamburger Helped ended up coming home. Let me just tell you this - I have been known to eat almost all of it in one night. Yes, another bit of secret shhhhhhh information don't tell anyone kind of secret that I am letting go. I love the cheesy enchilada rice oh so high in calories Hamburger Helper. I always love to wrap the mixture into a flour tortilla and then I wrap a second one - way too much food. Oh, don't forget the vegetable - it will seem like a balanced meal, right. This is where my weakness comes into play. After the dishes are clean, the light goes off in the kitchen, the little one is in bed, then there is this sound that comes into my head. I really do believe it is coming directly from the refrigerator, but Mer has told me that food doesn't talk. Just about 9 pm I will find myself sitting watching TV or working on a project at my desk into the late hours - the food is talking to me - it is cool now, maybe I can heat it up, just a little treat - it will be ok - I ate a few hours ago, one little bite won't do any harm. Right? Nope - one bite becomes two, then three, then it is all gone - where are my left overs for lunch the next day - its all gone- you blew it - what the heck ?!!

Well - not this time. Not ever again!!!!! I was going to meet this challenge head on. I am going to fight off the brain waves, the urge to have it, this little bit of heavenly treat for me will have to go by the wayside. If I can beat this challenge, then I am ready for anything. My meal - left over fish from our BBQ the other night, added a salad, some rice and a bit more of vegetables. Rounded out the meal with a nice glass of milk. Yum. And you know what - I did it. I successfully did not take one bite of that Helper. I cleaned the pot, put it away and was glad that it made it into the refrigerator without a spoon to mouth for me.

But, wait - what's this - I have to work late tonight on stuff at my desk. Oh, no - the computer is moving slow. 10 pm - 10:30 pm - then 11 pm - all of the sudden - oh, yeah - that's right - you don't eat late anymore.  Another hour of work to do - so I reached for a low fat yogurt treat and it did just the trick. That Helper is still in the refrigerator this morning - untouched by me - ready for the little one to have for tonight (if he will have it) and if he leaves for the weekend with it still in the refrig, then - oh - no - gasp - it will hit the trash - because I will not allow this to control me. Food is power, but food does not have power over me!!!!

Just another typical Wednesday - keeping fingers crossed that my UPS package makes it to its destination today and that I don't have to travel to the Bay Area with a copy.....and what about that Mission report - oh, no - another Scout meeting......just another typical Thursday.....have a GREAT DAY!!!!!

Staying MOtivated

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Chubby McGee said...

Oh, need a BIG HUG.


P.S. I miss Hamburger Helper, too. Most of 'em have meat in the dry I couldn't even justify using a faux meat product...cuz...I'd still be eating meat. is a good option for you: I recommend the GO LEAN veggie sausage. It'll add a lot of protein/vitamins and not a lot of cals/fat. ;)