Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 56- Head Hunger

From 100 Days of Weight Loss By Linda Spangle-

I have never heard of "head hunger" before, but here is what Spangle says it is-
"...starts with a specific food thought or craving." Mine is usually something crunchy like crackers, chips or popcorn, but it can also be a chewy "smash-like" variety like granola bars, chocolate or caramels.  "That "mashing sensation" is what you would like to do something else or someone else. It is related to pressure type emotions- anger, frustration, or resentment. The reasons can be stress, deadlines, and other people."
Spangle poses that you ask yourself this question when you get this "head hunger" kind of craving-

" What do I really want to chew on?"

I found myself wanting a cookie because I saw a whole package of them in the break room.  I was stressed because today is my open house and I have been at school sites today observing the administration of an assessment.  I was feeling the pressure of getting my classroom ready, but yet I was still doing my other job.  So I wanted to chew on that cookie really bad. 
Then, Spangle asks the next question- " Will eating change this issue?"

No, is my answer right now, but I will be honest that I went back to my desk and there was a box of shortbread cookies on my desk and I gave in to one of those.  But if I had read this passage early in the day I would have not eaten that cookie or the other two butterbrickle cookies that I ate while waiting for familes to show up for open house. I realize now that eating those cookies did not improve my situation or fix my relationship with some families. It did not make any parents or students show up any sooner.  My stomach did calm down a bit after eating the cookies, but open house did not go away.  And I was tempted to reach for another one!
After all that fretting and worrying, only 3 families showed up for open house.  It is what happens with English Language Learners and their families, but I am thankful for whose who did show up. I was able to spend some quality time with those 3 families.  I even got a nice compliment from one mother who said to me in her very broken English that I was the kindest teacher her son has ever had.  So next time I will pull out my magic notebook and write my little heart out all my anxieties, fears and stresses. I am not going to let that "head hunger" get me again.



Mer and Mo said...

OH - only 3 families, but you did get quality time with them, that is good. Love the saying at the bottom of this post - Everyday I make mistakes to learn - so awesome!!!


Mer and Mo said...

Hey MO! Here is one from my student teaching kindergarten days in Eureka City Schools- Everyday in Everyway we get better and better. Can you believe that I still remember that and say it to my son everyday. There are just some sayings that we can't get out of our heads.