Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Calorie Calculator

A few years ago (4 to be exact) I was in a wedding. It was a Las Vegas destination wedding. The weekend was spectacular - I was celebrating with friends and celebrating my official date of my divorce. That was the last time I actually lost weight. Wow - Four years - WOW - 4 years ago I worked hard at making sure I looked good in that Bridesmaid dress. Most of my days consisted of a 30 minute workout, went for a 30 minute walk at lunch and sometimes hit the gym on the way home for several months. Once the wedding was over - I decided that I was done. I dropped close to 20 pounds. I can honestly say that it took about 2 years to gain back what I lost, but in this last year I put on about 10-15 more pounds beyond that. When I realized that I was not "maintaining" anymore it was time to find that motivation again.

It just makes me wonder - why didn't I keep going with that lifestyle? Was it the wedding that was my goal? Why did I need an "event" to reach a goal? Some of us look towards our next birthday, class reunion, family wedding - heck, even this year I am looking forward to being in front of over 300 people at Scout Camp to show off my new figure. But, that is not really why I am doing this - this time I am doing it for me. My health, my motivation, gaining confidence, climbing a rock wall, playing soccer for more then 5 minutes with my son, taking that 3 mile hike on a nice June day....the list goes on and on and on.

I was reminded yesterday of that wedding day and how much I "glowed" that weekend. I have been doing better, but when you have a week where work is Heck, Lemon is arguing about his child support (hasn't paid in 5 months) and well, "Eve" is visiting - yep, reaching for that glow would be nice. So - I hit the punching bag and did some Pilates last night, got up this morning and did another 30 minutes of light aerobics - needed it! I am getting me back - my motivation is there - now just have to reach for the "GLOW"

 Being reminded of that wedding event made me think of a favorite website -

The Calorie Calculator is great and helpful, too. I plan on putting it back into use again.  - It gives me the chance to see how many calories I am burning for over 222 activities. It's easy - you put in your weight and the time you did this activity and - presto, chango - they do the calculating for you. As my weight changes I will plug in the new number. If I up my exercise time (from say 30 to 45) then I will put in the new time - presto, chango - a new type of "burn". Now, I know that it just depends on how hard you really are working out and I don't really believe that I am working off calories as I sit at my desk, but I do feel like this is a good resource.

Give the site a shot - keep track of what you do for the week - it might give you extra motivation, or just keep you going to that next pound lost. They say it takes 3500 calories to make a pound, so burning 3500 calories will lose that pound. I look at it like this - if I want to lose an average of 2-3 pounds a week, I need to strive to burn 7000 to 10,500 a week in exercise and activity. It isn't that easy, but it does give you a number to reach for. Each week will depend - the shock to the system, what you are eating, how often you are eating - all of that plays a factor and I am sure you know that. Just stive for the Glow !!! Keep going  - the wedding, the reunion, the birthday, next big event - but in the long run realize that you are reaching for a goal for yourself - your health, your looks, your motivation - you can do it - keep going - can't wait to read about your success!!!



Mer said...

Thanks so much for the links! Looking forward to using them.
You have found your reason why- it is all about YOU!

WeightLossTrek said...

Looks like a great site. I personally use you should check that out as well. Finding the core reasons you are doing this is so important to completing this journey successfully. Great post.