Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Got the Book

THANKS to Mer - the book finally came. My 100 days - Loved that the author took the time to write a short note inside the cover. I did sit down and read the introduction and the first couple of days. Goal for this week - get a journal and get started. I am one that likes to start things on a new week, so I am sure I won't start until Sunday or even Monday. Not making up an excuse, but like to start with a fresh slate. But, it does make me wonder - our office Controller came in yesterday and said he was retiring. I told him that he can't retire, but then reflected that there is never a good time to do somethings and it is just time - he has worked here for over 16 years and well, it is time. So, I can sit here and say that I should start on a new week, new month or wait for the next "thing to do" pass its way along, but if I am going to make this new life of mine work I have to put it to work now. No excuses. Make it a routine. We put our shoes on, our makeup, brush our teeth, get dressed for work almost everyday....why don't we take the time to exercise, eat healthy, drink that 8 glasses of water during the day part of our routine. Why can't we do it? What is the hold up? Or better yet, what is holding us back? Lack of drive, motivation, energy, oh - I can just put that off until tomorrow kind of attitude. Get it done - make it stick - make it your new routine. You can do it!!

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Mo and Mer said...

You are speaking the right attitude! That is right just get to it and do it. Of course, I thought about waiting until you had your book too so that we could start the 100 days together, but then, I thought I better just get started or I will be just waiting around and for what? My hopes is that you post your 100 day thoughts on the blog too, but only if you want. Stay strong and just do it anyway!