Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 3- I Do It Anyway

100 Days of Weight Loss by Linda Spangle
"Do it anyway"

Here are the quotes that I liked from today's reading with my commentary-

p. 6- "Because you consider these things to be important, you do them regardless of how you feel at the moment."

I have to make my body, and mind an important thing that I have to take are of. It is the only one that I have and if I am anything like my grandmother I maybe around a long time. My grandmother lived to be 105. I want to be like her since the only medication that she took at that age was Tylenol for her aches and pains. She did not have diabetes, or high blood pressure like my dad did, which did him in at a premature age.  So even though I did not want to wake up this morning and workout I did it anyways.  Even though I did not get up at 5:30 like I said I would I did get up 10 minutes later and got started.  I have two children that I want to be around for long into their adult lives and if I don't stop and take care of me I will not be around to experience all the wonders of being in this world.  So no more excuses, do it anyway! 

p. 6-"To improve your feelings learn to focus on your actions and not just your feelings."

Just keep moving forward and don't worry about what has happen in the past. I could have just stayed in bed this morning since it was past the time I had set for myself, but instead I literally jumped out of bed and got moving.  After starting out for my walk this morning I was wishing I was back in bed since it was damn cold, but I made the choice to do it anyway! 
Then, I came back into the house and did 30 minutes of more cardio and lower body with my Karen Voight DVD. By working out in the morning I feel like I have already accomplished something on my to do list and it just sets the pace for the day. I get more done and my mind is active and moving. I even read in Brain Rules by John Medina that "exercise boosts the brain power" and with my job as a teacher my mind has to be ready to face the 30 kids that I have to teach my class every morning. "Do it anyway"  is going to be my new mantra to get through the tough spots.

p.7-People who are committed to losing weight

  • Stick with their plans no matter what
  • Take action whether they feel like doing it or not
  • Assume that if they stay motivated, results will follow
  • Take responsibility for their own actions
  • Keep going in spite of challenges and setbacks
Enough is enough. Time to stick with my plan, stay motivated, be responsible for my actions and keep moving forward no matter what! 

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