Friday, January 7, 2011

For This Slice of My Day by Mer

It has been a long week. It was the first week back from vacation. The kids requested that we stay home tonight and not go out to eat. Since daughter has voice lessons and if the son gets his one job done everyday during the week he gets to play at McDonald's play place so there was no time to make dinner. So the husband brought home pizza for dinner. Usually, I will eat at McDonald's and have a "snack" and then, I will eat dinner too.
Instead of snacking at McDonald's I had a cup of water, but I did not deprive myself. I read this week that you should give yourself two bites since it is the flavor that your craving. So I got my two hot crunchy fries from my son's Happy Meal and it was darn good. As I sat there thinking about wanting more I thought-
"Do I really want more? Why?" Of course my answer was "Because this is what I usually do- eat the fries that my son doesn't want. I'm not usually hungry. I just like to eat them." So instead of eating the fries drank my water, and watching my son play. I did not feel the need to eat anymore. All it took was a moment to think and be mindful of what I am doing.
So when we got home the pizza was there waiting for us. I usually will devour a few pieces without thinking, but again I made a goal of eating one piece. I stopped eating after the one piece and started cleaning and doing laundry. Just by stopping and doing something else. It gave me enough time to realize that I did not want another piece of pizza.
For this slice of my day, I seized the mindful eating that I need to do all the time. I know with time it will become just part of the my habits of mind.

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