Monday, August 12, 2013

One - Two - Punch

I had the opportunity to talk to a family friend this weekend. Someone I have known for just about my whole life. I wanted to get caught up on things and I was concerned about her Dad's health, so I found a moment to give her a call. The only thing I didn't expect is to have a question asked of me.

My friend, you see, told me that she has been losing weight. 80 pounds so far. I was very excited for her. She has a trainer and is doing bike rides, eating anything that is not considered a processed food (more fruits and vegetables). I am very glad that she on the road to a better weight.

But, just as I thought the conversation was turning to another topic I get this Punch in the Gut moment. She wanted to know if I needed any clothes? Now, I am all for offering up clothes to people, but at this moment in time it just didn't feel right. She had a lot of business clothes that I could use for work and would I be interested, as she used to be the size I am now. I was taken back, but tried to shrug it off. I do appreciate the gesture, but it really did feel like someone had just punched me in the gut - and punched me hard.

Made me realize that I don't want to have "hand me down" clothes, unless they are a size I haven't had in my closet for a very long time. Made me realize that I need to keep going with losing weight, because I want to be the one that says I don't need them - I have also lost a lot of weight, too!!!! I am grateful for the gesture, but my motivation has just jumped another 110% - here's to more success in the coming months!!!!



Beginning Anew said...

Sometimes people can be so clueless, myself included. I like how you turn it into motivation! By the way, this lets me know, if I lose a bunch a weight I probably don't need to offer my old clothes to anyone but goodwill. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings like that... Excellent reminder!


Maren said...

Ugh, I get why that would feel like a punch in the gut - even though I also get that she meant well. Glad you're using the punch as a motivator :)

And thank you for welcoming me back, I really appreciate that. :)