Monday, April 1, 2013

Contemplation - leads to Inspiration!!!

I have been doing a lot of thinking. Well, don't we all - most of the time my thinking does not lead to action and I really need to be more pro-active about what I am thinking about and actually make the thinking part work out to be a doing part.

Which brings me to my latest thinking moment. More than a month ago I sat down to create my "Inspiration" Boards - I do one every year just about the time that all the weight loss magazines come out. This time I was determined to make my boards (I like to do two) just a little bit bigger then the last ones I did. Well, when I was creating the boards I happened to be at one of my sisters houses visiting - just chilling and taking in a relaxing Sunday night at her place. When my brother-in-law asked what I was doing I told him I was working on my Inspiration Boards - that I do one every year to help with my weight loss. He then said (and not meaning to be hurtful)  - "and how did that last one work for you?" I totally laughed it off. It was pretty funny when I came back with a quick comment of - well, can't you see - and proceeded to twirl around the room. I have not lost much of anything in the last year and my weight loss endeavors have fallen short, to say the least. The fact that he made that comment did get me thinking -

"How has that worked out for me???"  - just because I cut up some pictures and words and then paste them onto some paper, hang them up around the house or on the refrigerator does not make it all work.

It is up to me to make it work. I can read those words every morning as I wake up - one of them is on my closet door - and then I can read those words as I leave for the day - there is one on my door out to the car in the morning - or I can read those words as I open the refrigerator - BUT IT IS UP TO ME TO MAKE THOSE WORDS WORK!!!

Yes - I can be SPECTACULAR
Yes - I can be A BIGGEST LOSER
Yes - I can be SKINNY
Yes - I can be  WOW

BUT - I need to do it!!!!!

I need to make my Inspiration a REALITY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Striving for my own piece of REALITY in the weeks to come!!!!!!!!!!


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