Saturday, June 2, 2012

Yes, really - I am here....

So many things happening - so many changes -

Some good

Some bad

Some, well, still staying about the same.

I totally miss the Blog world. The fact that I have only logged on about 2 times since my last post is just awful. Missing tons of you.

Got Chubby McGees message, but can't get to her blog most of the time - not sure if it is my computer, her new settings or what - have sent emails, but I am sure she is busy or have I missed the replies.

Where did April go - 30 by 30 - can't get into her blog - it has been removed. So sad

So happy for Dawn for reaching her goal recently!!! Maintenance is my dream!!!

Just spent the last 30 minutes getting caught up with Roni's Weigh and love love love that she did a Mud Run Challenge, and who can pass up the fact that Sunday is almost always sensational.

What about Alan and Michelle? Hey - where did Christina go (Just Running)? What about Bruce and Maren and OMGoodness - Jodie is pregnant!!! Wow oh wow - Jen is looking really good in her update of her romantic family get away with the hubby and daughter. So much to catch up on. So much inspiration in so many other blogs!!!

Time to get back to my own blogging. I need to make it work for me!!!

I am in a rut.

Can't lose the weight

Don't have the true motivation.

Still looking for work - that is taking longer then I anticipated. It really is hard to find a job out there, but keeping positive. Heck, I have had 3 interviews - that is one interview a month, better then some people even wish for while being out of a job. Staying positive!!

School is over for Aman - the summer is filled with camping, camping, camping - more camping for him and less for me - but I am busy with my Day Camp duties - only 2.5 weeks away - planning for about 150 Scouts (we have 130 registered at the moment) - guess not having a job frees me up in doing all the planning, prepping and cleaning. So much more to do -

No excuse for not losing the weight!! I need to be dedicated!!

Really looked at myself in the mirror tonight - yuck, yuck and double yuck.

Still here. Still struggling. Keeping busy. Wanting to do more. Tick Tock  - there goes the clock. Time for bed, time for some soul searching, making plans, setting new goals....

Hope all is well with all of you!!!

P.S. - will be seeing Mer this weekend - we need to set goals together!!

MOtivated MO


Munchberry said...

Good luck on your interviews Mo! Good to know you are still kickin!

Michele said...

Yep, stay positive. We are all still here, plugging away. There is a new challenge that you might want to try via Rochelle. Might kick start your summer.

Here is the link: