Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 71- It's Too Hard!


While Mo has been blogging daily I have been quietly working hard on my own. I read her posts everyday, but because of my neck breaking schedule I can't seem to find the time to comment.  There have been days where I have just given up. I took Chemistry this past quarter and since it was an online course I struggle through a lot of the work on my own. Online is not my preferred style I would rather work with a group of people, but there are somethings in life we have no control over.  And I thought about giving up several times and dropping the class, but I have to do this for my job so I made myself believe that  I CAN DO THE HARD THINGS!
This applies to weight loss. There are days when I am struggling and I just want to give up. (Now somedays I do give up.)  But most of the time, I tell myself, "I know this is hard and you have done a lot of difficult things in your life and this isn't any different. I can overcome this and I know that I can do the hard things."
Losing weight is going to take effort. I have to track what I eat and avoid food temptations. I know there will be challenges, situations and people who will make things very difficult, but I have the courage and the focus to put up with the hard parts.  I am sure of this! I want my goals really badly that I know I can make it and I know I will reach my goals. 

Have laser tight FOCUS!
Have incredible COURAGE!
so can YOU!

Always on the Move,


Mer and Mo said...

Yes, there are times that it is hard, but we do need to keep ourselves healthy so that the other things are not as hard - playing with our kids, going on vacation and walking walking walking at all the site seeing places, being there for our kids graduations and so much more. It might be hard at first, but so easy once you do it everyday!!!


Munchberry said...

Hang in there Mer! It is hard to keep out of the cookie jar when you are frustrated and tired.

Hope the class went well! If you do Chem II this coming quarter and need help, drop me a comment on my blog and I will give you my email! It has been a while, but I have a pretty good memory.