Monday, March 28, 2011

Helpful Rules...

Good Housekeeping has Dr. Oz on the front cover and of course touts that you can lose 10 pounds in 4 weeks.
He has a good plan and flavorful eating Mediterrean style.
Here are the rules that I found most helpful-
Rule #1- Renew your vows daily- I do it once a week and needed to step it up by doing it daily.
"I am going to follow my plan for the next 24 hours."
Rule #2- Do something completely Different Everyday- it helps shake up your old habits and patterns of emotional eating.  Being mindful is the key.
Rule #3- Set your kitchen on automatic- arrange your kitchen and pantry so the only choices are the good ones!
Rule #4- Keep your belly full- eat smaller meals throughout the day to boost your metabolism and keep you from binging because you waited too long to eat.
Rule #5- Extend the Burn- drink water at every meal since a German study has shown that 17 oz will increase the calorie blasting 24%. Drinking green tea will also get rid of the body fat.
Rule #6- Check out your portions- I have to do this all the time.  I am getting better, but better to check then not to.
Rule#7- Chill out- deal with the stress in your life! Take care of you!
Rule#8- Get enough sleep- 7-8 hours is what you need. Studies show that obesity and diabetes are associated with long term sleep deprivation.
Rule #9- When you blow it, start again- immediately start again. Learn from your mistakes and move forward.
Have a great week!


Chubby McGee said...

Thank you for posting this. Dr. Oz is the (hot) man! Those rules are doable, simple, and will definitely produce results. I loved #5...had no idea of the 24% boost in calorie blasting. That is awesome.

Sadly...I don't know what to do about #8. I fail at that every, single, solitary night. I often wonder if I got more sleep...would I lose a little more each week? *sigh*

Mer and Mo said...

I need to go get my Good Housekeeping magazine today - loving this list and glad that you shared it with us. #5 I have been doing non-stop, but the green tea might help more. And #7 - yep - glad that I am taking care of me first - helps me take care of others more effectively.
Having a GREAT week - and its only Tuesday - SMILE!!

Mer and Mo said...

@Chubby McGee- Oh good I thought I was the only one that thought that Dr. Oz was HOT!
@Mo- Welcome back from spring break! SMILING with the sun in my face! Whoo-hoo! Love that SUN A SHINING!

Jackie said...

All of the rules sound helpful and right now, #2 really resonates with me. "Do something completely different every day..." I'm in a rut. I work at home typing medical reports and often don't even get out of the house for days. I need to incorporate rule #2 into my day. Maybe that will help me more than anything.